4 reasons to try barefoot shoes

Hello Flamboyaners!

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Barefoot sneakers

Did you know we're running a 21-day challenge on our Instagram using barefoot footwear?

During these days, we've discovered some incredible benefits of barefoot footwear on our own feet, so today we're sharing 4 reasons why you should give barefoot footwear a try.

  1. Connect with nature: One of the most striking aspects of starting to use barefoot footwear is the sensation of being closer to nature. By removing the barriers between your feet and the ground, you can experience a greater connection with the environment around you. From feeling the texture of the ground to sensing subtle changes in the surface, barefoot footwear allows you to experience nature in a completely new way!
  2. Strengthen your muscles and joints: When using barefoot footwear, our feet work more actively to adapt to different surfaces and movements, helping to strengthen the muscles and joints of the feet, ankles, and legs, which can improve your stability and reduce the risk of injuries.
  3. Improve your posture, gait, and stride: Barefoot footwear encourages a more natural gait and stride, causing your feet to flex and move more freely and fluidly. By walking in this improved way, posture is enhanced and promotes a balanced weight distribution, which helps reduce tension in the back and joints.
  4. Feel the freedom: One of the most convincing reasons to try barefoot footwear is the feeling of freedom and comfort. Freeing your feet from the "constraints" of traditional shoes allows you to experience a sense of lightness, movement, and agility in your feet and toes.

After these 4 reasons, why not join us on this barefoot journey?

You can try our collection on Kickstarter and join us on Instagram for our 21-day challenge using barefoot footwear. We guarantee that each step will bring you closer to a feeling of freedom and well-being like never before!

Don't wait any longer! Give your feet the chance to breathe and move like never before.

Join the barefoot footwear revolution today and discover a world of sensations that will change the way you walk forever!

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