Beflamboyant is back on Kickstarter! Discover the new barefoot collection and be part of the revolution.

Hello Flamboyaners!

As you already know, we're about to launch our new barefoot footwear collection on Kickstarter. In this blog post, we want to address some of the questions that may arise when buying on Kickstarter.

Where will the new barefoot footwear collection be launched?

The new barefoot collection will be launched on the Kickstarter platform.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is an online platform where creators like us can present projects and obtain funding from people who are passionate about what we do.

Beflamboyant was born as a simple idea, a dream that became a reality thanks to the support of people who believed in it in 2019 on Kickstarter.

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How does Kickstarter work?

  1. We present our project: We describe the idea, the financial goal, and the rewards we offer.
  2. You decide to support it: If you like the project, you can contribute a monetary amount in exchange for exclusive rewards.
  3. If the project reaches its goal: We receive the funding and can make it happen! If not, no payment is made, and you get your money back.

Why Kickstarter?

  • 1. Beflamboyant was born the same way: Just as Beflamboyant was born thanks to the support of the community on Kickstarter, we now present Beflamboyant Barefoot, a new collection of barefoot footwear with the same enthusiasm, trust, and values.
  • 2. For transparency: Kickstarter allows us to offer you a transparent experience, where you know the project, the goals, and the rewards from the very beginning.
  • 3. It allows us to validate the product: On Kickstarter, you not only support a project, but you are also part of it from the beginning, contributing your ideas and suggestions.
  • 4. We offer you very reduced prices in return: Kickstarter rewards are exclusive and limited, a unique opportunity to be part of Beflamboyant's history!

How does Kickstarter work?

  • Explore the campaign.
  • Choose your level of support.
  • Make your contribution. And that's it! You don't pay at the moment but when the project time ends.

Risk-free: If the project doesn't reach its goal, no payment is made, and you get your money back. With exclusive prices, early access to new models, vegan barefoot footwear... and much more!

What are we launching on Kickstarter?

A line of vegan, respectful, sustainable, and comfortable barefoot footwear, consisting of a sneaker in 4 colors and a boot in 2 colors.

Barefoot Beflamboyant

Discover all the details and exclusive models here.

Remember that:

  • The first units of the collection at a super reduced price will only be available on Kickstarter.
  • Be among the first to receive your barefoot footwear and be part of the community.

How to support the project?

  • Click here to join the barefoot footwear revolution and we'll notify you on launch day. March 24, 2024.

When will I receive my reward?

If you decide to be one of our backers, first of all, THANK YOU! You'll receive your reward in September 2024.

Don't know about barefoot footwear yet? We answer all your questions

What is barefoot footwear?

  • Barefoot footwear mimics the sensation of walking barefoot, with thin and flexible soles that allow greater freedom of movement.
  • It improves foot health, stimulates proprioception, increases balance, and connects you with nature.

Do you have doubts about the benefits of barefoot footwear?

Discover 4 reasons to try barefoot footwear here.

Join the revolution!

  • Follow us on social media: In our Instagram profile barefoot.beflamboyant.brand, we have an active challenge on how our stride and foot change using barefoot footwear for 21 days. Visit it here.
  • Visit our website: Explore our range of barefoot footwear and discover a world of comfort and sustainability.

Thank you for being part of the vegan footwear revolution!

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