Are fashion trends sustainable?

Hello Flamboyaners!

In this blog, we're going to delve into the trends that will define fashion this spring/summer. But first, it's important to understand what a trend really means.

If you want to stay updated in the fashion world and discover what to wear this upcoming season, keep reading!


A trend in fashion is a style, garments, or colours that many people follow or adapt at a specific time. They can range from colours and patterns to types of clothing or ways to style your hair. It's like a wave that comes very quickly and goes just as fast, and you decide whether to ride it or not.

At Beflamboyant, we advocate for sustainable and enduring fashion, unaffected by the ephemeral nature of some trends. However, you can adapt them to your values and personal style and join some trends with garments or accessories that you probably already have at home.


We've summarised the most relevant trends of this season and made a selection of those you can easily integrate into your wardrobe without compromising your values:

  • Shoulder pads: The key silhouette of this season is that of an inverted triangle, highlighting broad shoulders and a streamlined waist. Add them to your favourite blazers, jackets, and blouses and you're ready to go!
Outfit with Beflamboyant shoes
  • The polo shirt: The polo collar will become an indispensable basic in many wardrobes. Although it has a sporty feel, you can pair it with a structured jacket and our Coco shoes or Ux-68 white sneakers for an elegant touch. Who doesn't have a polo at home? Dig through your wardrobe, and we're sure you'll find one.
Outfit with Beflamboyant shoes
  • Knots: The strategic placement of knots to highlight specific areas of the body is a prominent trend. You can easily incorporate it by tying your sweaters around the shoulders.
Outfit with Beflamboyant shoes
  • Pastel green: Mint green will take the spotlight, and we have it in our Street collection of sneakers!
Outfit with Beflamboyant shoes

But is it really necessary to follow trends to be fashionable?

The answer is a resounding no. While it's exciting to experiment with the latest trends, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.

So, is it possible to balance current fashion with sustainability and your personal identity?

The key is to adapt trends to your own style, selecting garments and accessories that reflect your values.

Instead of blindly following every passing trend, opt for timeless and quality pieces like Beflamboyant's vegan footwear that last beyond a single season.

Remember that fashion is a form of personal expression and that there are no rules. What's important is to feel confident in what you're wearing, knowing that your choices have an impact on the world.

Dress with confidence, consciously, and create your own sustainable style!

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