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We actively listen to our community and adapt to all lifestyles. In this way we continue to fight for a vegan, sustainable, fair trade and unisex footwear industry. At Beflamboyantwe believe in inclusion and comfort.

Did you know that we have made all our barefoot shoes waterproof

At Beflamboyant we know that the important thing about shoes is to enjoy them, that's why we have designed our barefoot shoes with a waterproof membraneso that on your walks in the countryside, in the rain or on the beach, all you have to do is enjoy yourself, we'll take care of keeping your feet dry!

When we found out that millions of animals are used by the fashion industry every year, we had just one goal in mind: to create cruelty-free fashion.

Our barefoot shoes collection is mainly made from corn and pineapple waste, is a vegan and sustainable material, which emits 88% less CO2 than animal leather. It is created with the inedible part of the corn and the pineapple so we are taking advantage of the waste.

The main part of our barefoot boots and sneakers it is made out of corn and pineapple, it is a bio-based material more than 63% organic, extremely comfortable, high quality, breathable, waterproof and lightweight, with the PETA VEGAN APPROVED certification.