Celebrating women's strength this International Women's Day

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This March 8th we want to celebrate the strength, the passion and determination of women who inspire us daily. At Beflamboyant, equality and empowerment are the values that shape our brand's every fibre.

Why is equality important for Beflamboyant?

1. We believe in Social Justice: No matter how far we have come, women still face oppression. At Beflamboyant, we have a commitment to fight for a world in which we all have the same opportunities, regardless of gender.

2. Our team is predominantly female: This is a testament to our commitment to gender equality. We value the richness and variety of ideas and experiences that women bring to our company.

3. We understand the needs of our community: Most of our clients are women, which is why we take their needs and preferences into account when we create products and services for them.

4. Fashion has no gender: We believe that personal expression should not be limited to a traditional set of values. Our products are unisex and versatile, allowing each person to find their unique style.

At the heart of Beflamboyant: Meet the women that make up our team

At Beflamboyant, we believe that strength comes from unity. And, our team, full of talented and passionate women, is living proof of this ideal. Each one of us brings something special to the table, pushing our brand forward with energy and creativity.

Meet the women that breathe life into Beflamboyant:

1. Tatiana: Co-founder, Marketing and Communication Manager, the Voice of Beflamboyant. Her contagious energy, optimism and humour make her impossible to miss. Thanks to her clear vision and inspiring leadership, Tatiana guides Beflamboyt towards new horizons.

2. Marina: B2B representative, with a special gift of establishing long-standing and solid relationships with the clients. Her acute use of language and communication turn her into a key player in the brand's commercial success.

3. Marichu: Our PR manager exudes kindness. Her intuition and empathy allow her to create and foster unique connections, embodying the essence of Beflamboyant with gentleness and professionalism.

4. Sabela: A powerhouse of creativity in our Marketing Department. Her fresh and innovative ideas, just like her unmistakable sense of style, push Beflamboyant forward.

Not just a team, but a family.

Brought together by the passion for sustainable fashion and female empowerment, we are not just colleagues, we support each other, share ideas and celebrate each achievement.

The essence of Beflamboyant:

The women of our Team are the embodiment of Beflamboyant's values:

- Authenticity: Each person brings their own unique personality to the work, fostering an environment of trust and transparency.
- Empathy: A genuine connection and the capacity to walk a mile in the other's shoes are vital when interacting with clients with collaborators.
- Creativity: The constant search for new ideas and revolutionary solutions boosts our brand's growth and evolution.
- Commitment: The team shares the goal to building a more sustainable and equal future, as well as the eagerness to work towards achieving it.

Together, they inspire:

Beflamboyant's team is a source of inspiration.

Showing that togetherness, talent, and passion towards a dream can make it a reality.8m beflamboyant

Inspiring women fighting for sustainability

Águeda Ubeira, a visionary and entrepreneur from Galicia that leads Vanetta Food, a trailblazing company that brings sustainability into the food sector.

Águeda Ubeira is not only revolutionizing the culinary sector with their "made in Galicia" vegan meat, but demonstrating our shared values: sustainability and a respect towards animals. Her dedication and commitment are a light in the dark towards a fairer and greener world.

Irene Hernández, the creative mind behind "La Bien Hecha", a brand of artisanal and sustainable bags based in Málaga. Irene and her team's, made up of eight talented women, approach to fashion is bringing eco-friendly materials and local production to the forefront.

What started as a small workshop has grown into a successful physical store in the heart of Malaga, supported by an ever growing online presence in the national and international market. Imbued in each and every design by La Bien Hecha we can feel their values coming to life.

Iria Varela, an entrepreneur devoted to sustainability and innovation in the food sector, leads ODS, a pioneering company in the production of protein made from fungi. Iria is living proof that it is possible to offer high quality food alternatives that take on the challenges that climate change and population growth bring. Her cutting-edge approach and her commitment are an inspiration for all women.

Verónica, founder and CEO of Banbu Cosmetics: Her love for natural beauty and the environment led her to create a vegan, thoughtful and eco-friendly cosmetic brand, focused on natural ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Iria and Lidia channelled all their passion into Salitre Joyas, a company devoted to create high-quality, hipoalergenic, modern and elegant jewels that will not break the bank. They are an example of female empowerment and dedication, to both the work and to client satisfaction.

Together, we can build a better future:

This International Women's Day, Beflamboyant joins the fight once more. We invite you to celebrate the accomplishments of the women that inspire you and to keep working towards a fairer future for us all.

What can you do?

- Share this blog with your friends and family
- Follow the inspiring women we featured in this post.
- Support the brands that truly commit with equality and sustainability
- Raise your voice and join the fight for a better future

Let's make a difference together!

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