Vegan shoes as part of the change is yet a reality.

Another reality is that we are destroying our own house, humans are that stupid and we are drestroying the Planet a little more day by day. If you are those who take  action to prevent this from happening, you are in the right place and this may also be your opportunity to keep on changing.

protest banner in favor of climate change

At Beflamboyant we understand our blog not only as a space to discover and learn more about our vegan and sustainable shoes and their production processes, it is also as a meetup place to inspire, inform and motivate around sustainability, responsible consumption, veganism and fashion transparency. We want to offer you qualitative content about sustainable fashion, tips and interviews, so that you can follow our steps and, of course, receive exclusive offers for subscribing to our newsletter, which is a very important reason why you are here, we know it and we will reward you.

 overproduction that has ended in waste


About us?

We are Jorge and Tati, a couple of young Spanish entrepreneurs who after a trip decided to act, to take action. We created a brand of vegan and sustainable footwear after verifying the enormous ecological footprint left by humans in all corners of the planet, is our own home.

We decided to jump into the pool and create a Crowdfunding campaign to present our project: a footwear brand willing to be part of the real change in the fashion industry. After a great success, and almost 300% of the project financed and after a few months of hard work, we managed to open our own online store on November 22, 2019 and fulfill all the orders received in crowdfunding. From here, thank you very much to those who trusted us and made Beflamboyant possible!

Want to know more about us? Find out more about us.

Jorge and Tati BEFLAMBOYANT founders


What do we do?

At Beflamboyant we manufacture quality vegan and sustainable footwear designed in Galicia and handmade in Portugal, respecting animals and workers' rights. We can say loud and clear that we are a vegan, sustainable and transparent brand. Our shoes are registered with The Vegan Society and certified with the PETA Approved Vegan logo, which approves us as a vegan brand. We use recycled, natural or manufactured materials with zero CO2 emissions.

Image of the factory where your BEFLAMBOYANT are produced

In our first year of life and with our first collection we have learned from our mistakes (that we have them like everyone else), that is why we work  hard every day to develop a product that is even more sustainable and respectful with everything that surrounds the brand. Proof of this effort is that we have managed to implement waste-free #ZeroWaste packaging in all products. We have a lot to improve, there’s still much more to do, we are aware of that and it motivates us even more to keep  fighting.

We work hand in hand with our factory, located an hour and a half from our city, this allows us to control the traceability and quality of the vegan sneakers that will end up on your feet. We have established mutual trust and regularly visits to check that everything goes well and that workers' rights are respected.

 workers at BEFLAMBOYANT factory



This section is not to talk about awards, much less, it is to talk about personal feelings. Since we started Beflamboyant in 2019 we have achieved many positive things, both personal and professional.

Beflamboyant, in collaboration with the OneTreePlanted organization, is currently contributing to the reforestation of areas devastated by fire in California, a region known worldwide and devastated every year by multiple fires. In one yearwe have contributed to planting more than 2000 trees and we continue to count!! See the project.

One tree planted

The unemployment problem is worldwide, the precarious conditions of many workers as well. Beflamboyant not only guarantees that the labor rights of the workers who manufacture our products, your products, are respected, but we have also managed to create a job within the company itself:

Female worker manufacturing BEFLAMBOYANT in fair and dignified working conditions

Julia, our person in charge of managing and preparing orders. As well as customer service, who will answer you personally in case of doubt or query about our shoes. It is a small great achievement for a start up with an online store less than a year old, we are very happy and we love to say it!

0 Dead or used animals, nothing more to add…

PETA Approved vegan logo

In addition, personally it has helped us to be even more aware of the problems of the fashion industry and the consequences of our consumption and, without a doubt, it has united us even more as a couple, TEAMWORK!

We are sure that soon we will be able to start adding more achievements that we are already working on to have an even more positive impact on the planet.

This is just the beginning of the road. Would you join us in this journey?


Atlantic landscape


Where do we go?

As we have already mentioned, we are in full development of collections well in advance of their respective releases. We must enter the deadlines by which the world of fashion in general is governed and have the new products at the right time.

Beflamboyant is growing in a sustainable, conscious and responsible way, with the aim of being a benchmark brand in the sustainable footwear market, an example of things done well and a brand that contributes its grain of sand so that there is a definitive change in the fashion industry.


There is a lot of work behind a brand and little by little we will show it to you on our Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and also on this blog and of course in our online store.

If you like what we do, do not forget to follow us on social networks, share the content and click the like.

If you are already on our side and share our vision of understanding life, welcome, this is your home, you just have to make yourself comfortable.

Moitas grazas! Thank you!

Jorge & Tati






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