We are on a mission of changing the world starting for ourselves. Because there is no Planet B and the Earth has a deadline, in 2019 we decided to take action:we founded Beflamboyant vegan shoes brand to make a positive impact in the world and contribute to shape a new fashion industry putting the environment, the animals and the people at the center of everything we do.

We have a great responsibility not to close our eyes but to proactively change things for the better. This is what we call #DoingChange and this is what challenges us day after day.

beflamboyant doing change 



Beflamboyant cruelty free 

For us, trade with animals, test on animals or kill animals is unacceptable.

Every year, billions of animals suffer abuse or die due to the fashion industry. For clothing and accessories. No matter the type of material or where it comes from, if the process involves an animal, it involves horrific cruelty.

Furthermore, the leather industry is also one of the most harmful for the environment since livestock overexploitation contributes to the massive emission of the greenhouse effect gases produced mainly by cattle, as well as contributing to water and soil pollution.

Nothing else to add.



May 27, 2021: no, it’s not our birthday or the day we achieve World Peace. It is the day when in Spain we end with all the natural resources the Earth is capable of regenerating in a full year, in just 147 days of the year!

This great occasion is named “overshoot day” or “ecological overshoot”: we are spending 2 Earths per year, no words needed…

Again, nothing else to add.

Planting a tree is one of the best things that we as humans can do for our planet, they are more useful than Macgyver with a knife!

The trees are able to fix atmospheric CO2 and transform it into oxygen, prevent erosion, form fertile soils, serve as a refuge for wildlife… 

Forest occupy 30% of the Earth surface (without counting Antartica) according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), humans destroy every year more than 8 million hectares of forest.

Due to global warming, forest are drier than ever and are more vulnerable to fires. This situation added to the bad practices of human beings (more than 80% of fires are caused by humans), make the Deforestation due to fire a serious problem for the planet.

Beflamboyant we have decided to battle this problem and in collaboration with the One Tree Planted organization, we decided that for every pair of vegan sneakers sold, we will plant a tree in California (a region devastated by fires during the past years).

With this project, we are contributing to:

  • Oxygen production and CO2 absorption
  • Soil regeneration
  • Provide shelter for local wildlife again
  • Avoid further erosion of the already damaged environment
  • Return the brightness lost in the area



Beflamboyant fair trade  

Fashion industry is one of the  industries that contribute to modern slavery, linked to labor exploitation through cheap workforce. Women and children are forced to work more than 12 hours per day in  terrible conditions for a miserable salary to renew, season after season, our wardrobe.

That’s insane and we don’t want to be part of it.

For this reason our vegan shoes are made in Portugal and we only collaborate with trusted partners and suppliers from Spain and Portugal that respect their workers and care about the product as much as we do.



Plastic is everywhere. Stop, watch and list how many plastic things you’re surrounded by.

Too many, right?

From clothes to personal hygiene products. From home accessories to kitchen tools.

Almost 500 million tons of plastic are produced every year and 12 of these millions are poured into seas and oceans. Revert this is also our responsibility.

That’s why Beflamboyant have been working hard to achieve a fully #ZeroWaste packaging. This is, definitely, one of the major milestones we have accomplished since we founded Beflamboyant.

Every order is a dream come true. Our vegan sneakers are packed in a recycled and recyclable cardbox, free of plastic and labels, and come with a jute toteback, both ready to be used and live a new life! We also include a plantable thank you card.

 beflamboyant packaging zero waste