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Ethically handmade with plant based and recycled materials in EU


Ethically handmade with plant based and recycled materials in EU


Introducing... Beflamboyant

Be free and be yourself, with BEFLAMBOYANT you can feel confident about expressing your own style, vibe and personality without compromising your commitment to animals and the environment. 

We have created unisex sneakers based on a few very simple principles: they should be vegan, sustainable, comfortable, and ethical. We have a color for everyone and every situation.

We’re tired of being told what to wear; you should feel free to wear whatever you like. All our models are designed for everyone, for all those who feel identified with them, whether you’re a man or a woman.

beflamboyant look model
ux68 beflamboyant look model
Falmboyan tree as inspiration

We are Jorge and Tatiana, a young couple from Galicia (Spain) committed to make a positive impact in the world. Animal lovers, wild nature passionates (please, go check “Galicia” on Google and you will understand why!), sneaker freaks and #ZeroWaste warriors will be a great definition of our personality and what moved us to create a project together and design our own sneakers brand, to create Beflamboyant.

Beflamboyant was born in a trip in which we realized how irreversible is the footprint that brands, consumers and all of us are leaving on the planet and how much our future depends on the decisions we make today to improve our present.

Here it is: the symbol that inspired our brand, in the middle of Havana. There we discovered the Flamboyant Tree. The Flamboyant Tree is our image, our homage to what Havana gave to us.

Flamboyant tree
ux68 plane tickets
Name with a lot of meaning

From that trip (July 2018) we brought the idea, the project and our present. A year later (June 2019) we launched our first collection of vegan sneakers through a crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

We named that first collection UX68, it is the number of the flight back to Spain where the idea was traveling and returning with us, it is one more tribute to the origin of our project.
Today, the UX68 collection remains Beflamboyant's best-selling and best-valued collection, after thousands and thousands of pairs sold.

Beflamboyant is, therefore, the result of our dream of creating a fashion project that was sustainable and responsible with the environment as well as the people and the animals, which also aims to make a positive impact in our place of origin, Galicia (Spain).


For Beflamboyant the use of animals in business does not make sense, making quality vegan shoes is possible thanks to the innovative materials that we have today. We made vegan shoes made to last, we use vegan materials from Spanish, Portuguese and Italian suppliers, high quality, organic materials and recycled materials.
Our vegan shoes collections are made out of vegan and sustainable materials such as corn waste, bamboo or recycled plastic from the sea SEAQUAL. Quality vegan shoes registered with The Vegan Society, PETA Approved Veganand bearing the Ethical Time “Real Sustainable Fashion” seal.

The main part of the vegan shoe (upper), it is corn, it is a bio-based material more than 63% organic, extremely comfortable, high quality, breathable and lightweight, with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. This material is the main one in Beflamboyant, our vegan shoes Manimal, Black Coco, UX68 Classic and Street are made up of this material. In the heel and the front part of the laces we use a soft-touch material, composed of recycled cotton and recycled PET, it is a material with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. In the Street vegan sneaker collection, the side mesh is made of recycled PET and in the Life vegan sneaker collection we use recycled cotton.

On the side of our new vegan shoe Black Coco we use a material called “Seaqual”, made from recycled plastic from the sea, with GRS (Global Standard Recycled) certification.


The inner lining of our vegan shoes is made of bamboo in the Manimal, Black Coco and UX68 Classic collections, our vegan shoes will give your feet a very pleasant touch thanks to this bamboo material, soft, breathable and light.
The Life collection has recycled cotton in the lining, a material that has the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, in the Street collection we use a more sporty lining that is made of recycled PET with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. Our vegan shoes all use the same insole, ultra-comfortable 100% recycled foam with active carbon of vegetable origin and removable. You will feel like you are walking on clouds with your new vegan sneakers.
We use different shoe laces in our vegan shoes, organic cotton with the OCS (Organic Content Standard) certification, also made of recycled PET with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.
The different soles used in Beflamboyant are composed of thermoplastic rubbe (100% recyclable material), recycled rubber and some, like the Black Coco sole, contain recycled rice husks.

“SEAQUAL INITIATIVE is a unique collaborative community that works with ocean clean-up programs around the world to bring value to the waste they recover.”

corn plant based material
bamboo plant based material


Save water and CO2 with Beflamboyant


For Beflamboyant, transparency with our customers is essential and that is why on each product page you can see all the information about the composition of the product and its impact. Below we explain in a general way what our vegan shoes are made of and where the vegan materials we use to create the vegan shoes you want come from.

It is one of the foundational pillars of Beflamboyant. It should be for any brand of vegan and sustainable sneakers as it should be for any brand, fashionable or not.

The fashion industry is the second most polluting on the Planet, it is also one of the least transparent that exists, precisely because of the damage it does to the Planet. Uncontrolled CO2 emissions, raw materials used, water pollution or labour exploitation affecting mainly women and children, this is what the fashion industry tries to hide.

It is not only necessary a change of mindset but new ways of doing things well. The brands that are part of the fashion system have the opportunity - and responsibility - to change it from within by offering a better product, in quality of materials and quality of production processes, reducing our impact on the environment and generating awareness around responsible consumption. We take on the challenge and, herefore, from Beflamboyant we have proposed to know and examine from beginning to end the production chain of our vegan shoes, the materials used and the people involved in each and every one of the processes. Because only by knowing and evaluating we will be able to improve and offer better consumption alternatives, being responsible with the environment, people and animals.

Sustainable development goals

The company has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals approved by the UN into its business strategy.

At Beflamboyant we have three fundamental pillars, respect for animals, the environment and people.
The management of the company is 50% men and 50% women.
Our workers have a salary above the average.
We plant a tree for every pair of sneakers sold.
We raise awareness about responsible consumption, do not buy if you do not need it.
We have introduced SEAQUAL material, produced with plastic extracted from the sea.
We are PETA Approved Vegan certified

Sustainable development goals
Sustainable development goals

Plastic is everywhere. Stop, watch and list how many plastic things you’re surrounded by, too many, right?

From clothes to personal hygiene products. From home accessories to kitchen tools... Almost 500 million tons of plastic are produced every year and 12 of these millions are poured into seas and oceans. Revert this is also our responsibility.

That’s why Beflamboyant have been working hard to achieve a fully #ZeroWaste packaging. This is, definitely, one of the major milestones we have accomplished since we founded Beflamboyant. Every order is a dream come true. Our vegan sneakers are packed in a recycled and recyclable cardbox, free of plastic and labels, and come with a jute toteback, both ready to be used and live a new life! We also include a plantable thank you card.

We are spending 2 Earths per year, no words needed… Planting a tree is one of the best things that we as humans can do for our planet. The trees are able to fix atmospheric CO2 and transform it into oxygen, prevent erosion, form fertile soils, serve as a refuge for wildlife… 

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), humans destroy every year more than 8 million hectares of forest. Beflamboyant we have decided to battle this problem and in collaboration with the One Tree Planted organization, we decided that for every pair of vegan sneakers sold, we will plant a tree. With this project, we are contributing to:

Oxygen production and CO2 absorption - Soil regeneration - Provide shelter for local wildlife again - Avoid further erosion of the already damaged environment - Return the brightness lost in the area

Plant Trees

We plant a tree for every pair of sneakers sold

Production process

Your BEFLAMBOYANTs are made in Felgueiras, Portugal, a small town in the Northern part of Portugal whose main industry is footwear. After a thorough search we found a factory motivated to be a part of our project, with excellent artisans with many years of experience working under fair labor conditions and following high manufacturing standards, we have been able to verify all this on our visits.

TRA-ZA-BI-LI-TY, a very odd word that allows us to follow the evolution process of our product in all its steps.

Fashion industry is one of the  industries that contribute to modern slavery, linked to labor exploitation through cheap workforce. Women and children are forced to work more than 12 hours per day in  terrible conditions for a miserable salary to renew, season after season, our wardrobe.

That’s insane and we don’t want to be part of it.

For this reason our vegan shoes are made in Portugal and we only collaborate with trusted partners and suppliers from Spain and Portugal that respect their workers and care about the product as much as we do.


Handmade in Portugal under fair working conditions

- Cutting: With a metal die with the shape of each piece and a machine that works by pressure, each of the parts of which your shoes are made is cut, so the production process begins at the factory. As you can see in the image, it is not an easy task, due to the high number of pieces a great experience is required for the appropriate pieces to be cut, always wasting as little as possible.

- Sewing: It is a fundamental part in the process, each piece is hand sewn one by one by the factory workers. It requires a surgeon’s precision, the great experience of all the workers ensures that the puzzle that is obtained after the cutting process is perfectly fitted, giving life to your vegan sneakers.

- Assembly: The last step but not the least important is that of the final assembly, it is time to put the base of your vegan sneakers, that will make you believe that you walk on clouds. The soles are also hand sewn one by one and reinforced with a water-based glue, animal free of course. The process ends when everything is completely dry and our vegan shoes are ready to put in our packaging zero waste.

The factory has the SMETA certificate, stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world. It combines the best practices in the field of corporate social responsibility. The concept describes a methodology based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and local laws as an evaluation tool. It includes four modules:

Health and security, Labor standards, Environment, Business ethics

Many thanks!!

Beflamboyant production process cutting
Beflamboyant production process sewing
Beflamboyant production process assembling
Beflamboyant production process who made my clothes

Beflamboyant Founders

Hi, we’re Jorge and Tatiana, twoSpanish entrepreneurs. We’re 32 years old (90’s kids). Our roots are in Extremadura and Galicia, Cáceres and Pontevedra. Our interests, values, love, destiny, and now this project have brought us even closer together. We want to share with you all the energy, work, and enthusiasm we have put into this adventure we’ve embarked on.

Galicia is our home. Where we belong, where we met and where Beflamboyant was born. Our Atlantic roots define us as define our products. From design to production and manufacturing. Everything is done by local expert hands in Galicia and Portugal, where our factory is located.

Galicia is a huge source of inspiration and motivation. We are proud of our origins and we want to show it to the world by giving visibility to our traditions, our landscapes, our people. Search for #XenteAltantica to discover more.


CEO & Co-founder

"Beflamboyant is more than a vegan shoe brand, it is a way of understanding life, a new voice that wants to change the fashion industry while empowering people to consume less and better and protect our Planet by buying shoes and vegan sneakers "

Jorge López Rodríguez


CCO & Co-founder

"We are a motivated team of young people committed to reducing the negative impact of fashion and human beings on Earth by creating quality vegan shoes and sneakers."

Tatiana González Martínez

Doing what we say we are doing since 2019

Beflamboyant vegan sneakers has gone through different stages, daily hard work is necessary to reach your goals and move forward. There are many small stages and small goals achieved among the most outstanding, here you can see the most important ones.

Thank you

This project has taken over our lives for almost four years. It has been a difficult road, finding partners who share our values, goals, and who want to take a chance on us. Many thanks to all of them.

We care about sustainability and conscious consumption. We also think that is time to move to action, and that’s why we founded Beflamboyant. With no previous knowledge in the fashion industry but full of enthusiasm and positive energy to change the present and, specially, how things are done in the fashion system. #DoingChange.

From the BEFLAMBOYANT team, we invite you to be the best version of yourself.

Join us! Be a part of the change!