We all know that Portuguese are the best singing Fado, that they have wonderful cities and a great gastronomy, and Cristiano Ronaldo is an idol.

But this time we decided to choose Portugal because they are the best producing shoes, the number one in the footwear industry and we could not find a better place to materialize our project.

factory global picture 



worker who made beflamboyant 

We do not really know what Sara (senior position in the company) should have thought when we just appeared in the factory with a sketch of our vegan sneakers on a blank sheet of paper (quite bad by the way) and talking about crowdfundings...

Just like Aladdin with his lamp, we had three wishes: we were looking for an experienced factory with which we can have mutual trust and whose workers had fair and decent working conditions.

For us, it was love at first sight, and we decided to “go on a date” with her. Jovan Shoes are a team of more than 100 magnificent craftspeople who work according to high quality standards under good working conditions.



TRA-ZA-BI-LI-TY, a very odd word that allows us to follow the evolution process of our product in all its steps thanks to Sara and Jovan Shoes work.

They decided to accept our “date” and support our vegan shoes project when nobody wanted and we will be eternally grateful for their trust and all the facilities they gave us from the very beginning.

Many thanks!!

Factory workers with beflamboyant



cutting vegan sneakers  

With a metal die with the shape of each piece and a machine that works by pressure, each of the parts of which your shoes are made is cut, so the production process begins at the factory.

As you can see in the image, it is not an easy task, due to the high number of pieces a great experience is required for the appropriate pieces to be cut, always wasting as little as possible.





It is a fundamental part in the process, each piece is hand sewn one by one by the factory workers.

It requires a surgeon’s precision, the great experience of all the workers ensures that the puzzle that is obtained after the cutting process is perfectly fitted, giving life to your vegan sneakers.

sewing vegan sneakers 



assembly vegan sneakers  The last step but not the least important is that of the final assembly, it is time to put the base of your vegan sneakers, that will make you believe that you walk on clouds.



The soles are also hand sewn one by one and reinforced with a water-based glue, animal free of course. The process ends when everything is completely dry and our vegan shoes are ready to put in our packaging zero waste.

Sara is our trusted person, with whom we deal whenever we need something from each other, more than 18 years of experience in their work. Beflamboyant exists without a doubt thanks to Sara.

Elena is the boss, but it is not a way of speaking, she is the boss and continues to direct the sewing line as from the first day, more than 48 years of experience and continues with the same illusion, it is an example for all workers of the factory.