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BEFLAMBOYANT Corporate Social Responsibility

Planting a tree is one of the best things that we as humans can do for our planet, they are more useful than Macgyver with a knife!

The trees are able to fix atmospheric CO2 and transform it into oxygen, prevent erosion, form fertile soils, serve as a refuge for wildlife…


  seeds growing up


Forest occupy 30% of the Earth surface (without counting Antartica) according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), humans destroy every year more than 8 million hectares of forest.

Due to global warming, forest are drier than ever and are more vulnerable to fires. This situation added to the bad practices of human beings (more than 80% of fires are caused by humans), make the Deforestation due to fire a serious problem for the planet.


one tree planted


In Beflamboyant we have decided to battle this problem and in collaboration with the One Tree Planted organization, we decided that for every pair of sneakers sold, we will plant a tree in California (a region devastated by fires during the past years).

With this project, we are contributing to:

  • Oxygen production and CO2 absorption
  • Soil regeneration
  • Provide shelter for local wildlife again
  • Avoid further erosion of the already damaged environment
  • Return the brightness lost in the area