5 Challengues achieved in 2020 and 5 sustainable goals for 2021 by BEFLAMBOYANT

In this difficult year where the way we relate with others has changed, we have lost loved ones and it has affected us both professionally and personally.  We have learned the importance of health for the planet and for people to live in harmony. We can take pride in contributing to responsible consumption and working to reduce our impact on the environment, animals and people.

 Tati wearing BEFLAMBOYANT  in a lake

We have gone through it as if we were in a Stephen King novel, but not everything has been negative, so we don’t want to miss opportunity to take stock of the whole year and highlight the greatest things we have achieved as well as to set 5 resolutions for 2021 to keep on growing and improving as a sustainable brand.

BEFLAMBOYANT donation of vegan food

We have completed our first full year in our online store of vegan and sustainable sneakers, 80% of the time it has been in the midst of a global pandemic, a strange and difficult year to establish a real assessment, but without a doubt a year that ends with a very positive balance.

These are the 5 challenges achieved in 2020 by Beflamboyant:

1. Positioning in the vegan and sustainable footwear sector, eco-friendly shoes.

Today,  the competition in the sustainable fashion sector is fierce, and growing every day more and more. Although our most direct competitors n the sustainable footwear secto have vastly superior resources to us, with a lot of work and effort we managed to make our place in the market. We have managed to make ourselves known in Europe and we are going for more.

We are very proud of what we have achieved without any external funding support, you read that correctly, none. Just us, Tati, Jorge and the team rowing together without any business angels behind. Together we have been able to position Beflamboyant as a top quality and style option among the best vegan and sustainable sneakers in the sustainable fashion and footwear market. The result: thousands of people from more than 30 countries have trusted on us.

BEFLAMBOYANT sneakers collection

2. Conscious and responsible consumption

We are very proud to be able to communicate that we have a return rate of 9.81%, well below the average for ecommerce, which is around 20% and for the fashion sector in general, which is around 30%, which tells us what we are doing quality vegan sneakers and quality organic, biobased, recycled and vegan materials suitable for continuous daily use, as well as a product well reflected online, which corresponds to reality. It is also an indicator that we reach an audience that buys out of conviction and not impulsiveness, which makes us very happy because we have been promoting responsible consumption for a long time and "don't buy from us if you don't need us . "

Consious consumption

3. User experience 

Improving the user experience in our ecommerce has been a goal throughout the year, we have finally achieved it after making a migration to Shopify from Woocomerce. Not only is your experience better, ours is also better, our website was turning into torture due to the slowness of the site

The loading speed and the payment process were clearly hurting our results, we are very very happy to have corrected it to face 2021 with more confidence and security.

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4. Transparent and traced production chain

We set out to know our production chain in depth and we have achieved it, it is very important in the sustainable fashion sector to know everything about your product, where it comes from and what it is made of not only in order to offer full transparency and traceability but also to guarantee top quality and sustainability production standards to meet the demand for knowledge of our community.

It is just as important to know the suppliers and their good or bad practices in order to face the challenge of creating betterproducts,more sustainable and produced in an ethical way. We are very proud to have analyzed our vegan sneaker production chain and certified our ecological footprint with BCOME.

Stay tuned and you will learn more about our production chain in our next post ;)

I made your clothes

5. Positive impact

Beflamboyant has contributed more than 3K planted trees and 200Kg of vegan food donated in 2020, in our first year of life we ​​are proud to be able to collaborate in this way with the Planet and people.

We also managed to generate permanent employment at Beflamboyant, facilitating family conciliation and work compatibility with personal studies of our workers. We adapt to each other for the good of both parties, it is a win win.

 One tree planted

2020 has been a great challenge for all. Looking back to what we have been able to achieve, we feel happy and proud. But at BEFLAMBOYANT we are always striving to improve the way we do things in order to offer a better product while creating a positive impact in the world.

These are our 5 sustainable goals for 2021:

1. Conscious consumption

We will keep on fighting through our communication channels to make more people aware of how important it is to consume consciously and the impact it has for the future of the Planet.


2. Next level of sustainability

We are devoted to increasing our commitment to sustainability. That means we will keep on working to offer more sustainable products featuring the best quality materials by actively active studing our production chain.

High quality materials

 3. Upcycling

In only one year since our foundation, we have been able to achieve an almost 100x100 zero waste manufacturing and shipping. In 2021 we will try to implement a recycling system for the waste generated during the production of vegan sneakers and give them a nice second life.



We will continue to be involved in the fight against deforestation and helping those who need it most by supporting donation campaigns such as the vegan food collection we joined in December 2020.

 Donation of vegan food

5. Job creation

Make the Beflamboyant team grow while respecting fair working conditions, in addition to facilitating the reconciliation of family life for our workers. And so we can reach more people to get to know our incredible vegan and sustainable sneakers.


We see 2021 as a great challenge and opportunity for BEFLAMBOYANT. We are working very hard to take our eco-friendly shoes to the next level, make more people aware of how important it is to consume responsibly and continue enjoying happy customers with their vegan sneakers and sustainable in addition to their contribution to the planet.

Thank you very much for all your support, we hope to continue counting on you in 2021!

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Doing what we say we are doing since 2019




Jorge & Tati



  • Anonymous

    Hi Hans,
    Thank you very much for your comments and for following our blog.
    BEFLAMBOYANT’s vegan shoes (UX collection)
    It is vegan leather, specifically microfiber, the lining is a microfiber made with zero CO2 emissions and free of Chrome VI (carcinogenic product). Recyclable materials, you can find all the information here https://www.beflamboyant.com/pages/materials
    Also the impact of the production chain of the products here https://www.beflamboyant.com/pages/transparency and entering each product.

    We are going to launch new sneakers made of recycled cotton and also made with corn, follow the blog and you will soon discover them.

    Thank you very much again, we are at your disposal at info@beflamboyant.com

    Our best wishes
    Beflamboyant Team

  • Hans Svensson

    Hi very nice! Before i decide to by your sneakers i would like to now a bit more about the material you are using, is it textile or vegan leather? And also if you have an idea of the expected en of life for your sneakers, biodegradable, recyclable and made to new sneakers? Is it plastic free? Looking forward for your reply all the best / Hans :)

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