We have forced ourselves to be audited... 

Who forces us? Ourselves, Jorge and Tati, founders of BEFLAMBOYANT.

Why? Because there is always path for improvement and we’re committed to offer you  the best sustainable fashion product . Uncomfortable, unpleasant, tense process  to grow. We’re not afraid to be shown everything we do wrong - and also what we do well - if that will help us to improve and, of course, to grow as a solid, consistent fashion brand.

Thanks to the audit, now we can compare our current vegan sneakers collections and also the collections that we already have prepared but that are still highly secret and that we will launch very very soon, of course you will be the first to discover them by subscribing to this blog.    

Absolute transparency at BEFLAMBOYANT

White table and wood chairLet's be honest, transparency is essential for BEFLAMBOYANT. If you want to buy sustainable and vegan shoes, ethically handmade in  with eco-friendly materials, you are in the right place.

This is a business, a company, we want it to be our livelihood. This implies a toll that all companies have to pay and it is that today in this world there is nothing perfect. This means that, although we strive to approach perfection in everything we do, inevitably, we pollute at some point of our product deliveries and any other transport requierements to produce our vegan sneakers. We can proudly confirm that we have been able to implement zero waste packaging but, nevertheless, we use some plastic indirectly in our production chain and, of course, we spend electricity, water and other resources. For us, the key is to try to be your best version and not look the other way.

It is a business, yes, but why not do everything possible to avoid further damaging the Planet, animals and people? For us it is essential to manufacture vegan shoes and sustainable shoes respecting the rights of animals and workers while keeping our Planet as save and protected as possible


With the conviction that we needed to know more about our company in order to offer the best vegan shoes to our customers, last summer we began to pose the challenge of analyzing the value chain, going from beginning to the end of the production process of our vegan shoes.

It was actually very easy to decide to work with BCOME, their experience and reputation in the sector endorse them, other great brands that we admire have been audited by them and we really could not choose better.


Founded in 2019  Laura, Clara, BCOME is a platform that allows brands like BEFLAMBOYANT to know and build an efficient, transparent and ethical value chain. They help track, measure, evaluate, digitize and improve sustainability results.

We contacted them team and they took great care of us from the beginning, Anna explained all the services and studies that they offer very clearly, which makes things easier when deciding. For BEFLAMBOYANT it is an important but necessary economic effort and BCOME always did its part to make the project go ahead, thank you very much to all the team for your effort!

Table and two chairs

Alba, she took the lead to explain what the studio would be like and what they needed to know about our vegan shoes and BEFLAMBOYANT, basically… everything.

Finally, Laura was in charge of following the data collection process, thank you very much Laura for your patience and for your time invested in BEFLAMBOYANT.

The data collection and analysis process took more than a month. It was a difficult month, in which suppliers of materials to make vegan sneakers have suffered constant questions and requests for evidence about good labor, environmental and materials practices.

Unfortunately, not everyone was willing to collaborate with the analysis of our vegan shoes, for us this is a sufficiently important reason not to continue working with these suppliers in our future collections. We have learned who we can trust on and who we cannot, who is on the Planet and its workers side and who is not.

Ratings BEFLAMBOYANT - Vegan Sneakers

BCOME's ratings finally arrived, this was a nervous moment because we didn't really know if we were doing well or not. The first thing we have to say is that you can always, always improve and that is our constant goal, we encourage you to be the best possible version at all times!

That said, we are very happy and proud of what we have achieved so far in terms of sustainability, BEFLAMBOYANT is a very young vegan shoe brand - we were born in 2019! - that is gradually positioning itself in the market, we want to continue improving our weakest points after this analysis and continue to grow.

Here are the most relevant results:





Soon we will launch our new collections and, of course, share with you the corresponding results, do not miss it and subscribe to our Newsletter below to learn all the details :)

Discover more about our study and transparency here.


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