Making quality vegan shoes is possible thanks to the innovative materials that we have today. For Beflamboyant the use of animals in business does not make sense.
Our vegan shoes collections are made out of vegan materials such as corn waste, bamboo or plastic from the sea SEAQUAL.
Quality vegan shoes registered with The Vegan Society, PETA Approved Vegan and studied by BCOME and bearing the Ethical Time “Real Sustainable Fashion” seal.

For Beflamboyant, transparency with our customers is essential and that is why on each product page you can see all the information about the composition of the product and the study of the production chain with BCOME.
Below we explain in a general way what our vegan shoes are made of and where the vegan materials we use to create the vegan shoes you want come from.

Vegan shoes made to last, we use vegan materials from Spanish, Portuguese and Italian suppliers, high quality, organic materials and recycled materials.


Beflamboyant vegan shoes made of corn waste 




The main part of the vegan shoe (upper), it is corn, it is a bio-based material more than 63% organic, extremely comfortable, high quality, breathable and lightweight, with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. This material is the main one in Beflamboyant, our vegan shoes Manimal, Black Coco, UX68 Classic and Street are made up of this material.

In the heel and the front part of the laces we use a soft-touch material, composed of recycled cotton and recycled PET, it is a material with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

On the side of our new vegan shoe Black Coco we use a material called “Seaqual”, made from recycled plastic from the sea, with GRS (Global Standard Recycled) certification.

In the Street vegan sneaker collection, the side mesh is made of recycled PET and in the Life vegan sneaker collection we use recycled cotton.

The inner lining of our vegan shoes is made of bamboo in the Manimal, Black Coco and UX68 Classic collections, our vegan shoes will give your feet a very pleasant touch thanks to this bamboo material, soft, breathable and light.
The Life collection has recycled cotton in the lining, a material that has the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification, in the Street collection we use a more sporty lining that is made of recycled PET with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification. 


Manimal full vegan shoes collection Upper and lining manimal vegan shoes collection



Our vegan shoes all use the same insole, ultra-comfortable 100% recycled foam with active carbon of vegetable origin and removable. You will feel like you are walking on clouds with your new vegan sneakers.

We use different shoe laces in our vegan shoes, organic cotton with the OCS (Organic Content Standard) certification, also made of recycled PET with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

The different soles used in Beflamboyant are composed of thermoplastic rubbe (100% recyclable material), recycled rubber and some, like the Black Coco sole, contain recycled rice husks.



sole beflamboyant vegan shoes made with rice shoelaces manimal vegan shoes collection

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All our suppliers are Spanish, Italian or Portuguese. Our vegan sneakers are handmade and they might suffer small changes.