The best White Vegan Sneakers

You can't miss them in your capsule Wardrobe 

Hi, fashion enthusiasts and planet advocates! In this autumn of 2023, we want to show you why white vegan sneakers are a must-have in your capsule wardrobe. White sneakers are the fashion statement for their comfort and versatility. From dresses to suits, no one can resist a pair of white sneakers. 

If you want to stop thinking every morning about what to wear, you must have a pair in your closet. And today, I bring you two of our essentials, Manimal White and UX-68 White, designed with fashion trends in mind but also loaded with values: vegan, sustainable, gender-neutral, and ethically made in Spain. Yes, they have it all! 

3 Autumn 2023 Trends with White Vegan Sneakers: 

Autumn 2023 is marked by a return to sustainable and timeless fashion. It seeks quality that endures season after season, and white vegan sneakers fit perfectly into this trend. They are versatile and blend seamlessly with this season's hottest fashion styles. 

  1. Neutral Trench Coat: For those cool autumn days, nothing beats the comfort and style of a classic trench coat. Pair your Ux-68 white vegan sneakers with a beige trench coat, slim-fit jeans, and a blouse. This look is perfect for a park stroll or a brunch with friends. White sneakers bring a modern and sustainable touch to this super basic yet essential ensemble.
  2. Comfortable and Stylish Pleated Trousers: Autumn is the ideal time to sport a comfortable ensemble with pleated trousers and a white shirt. Complete this "business" style look with our UX-68 white vegan sneakers. Brown trousers are a bold choice, and the white shirt adds a touch of freshness. White sneakers bring balance and comfort to this outfit, creating a modern contrast. 
  3. Personality with a Black Blazer: Do you know what never fails? Try a black blazer with jeans and a blouse you love. Our Manimal white vegan sneakers add a surprising element to this outfit. Not only will you be on-trend, but you'll also be supporting sustainability and ethics in fashion. The Manimal White with vegan suede in earth tones will make you feel comfortable yet stylish. 

Why Choose White Vegan Sneakers? 4 reasons to choose white vegan sneakers 

  1. Sustainability in Every Step: Our white vegan sneakers are made from corn leather, reducing our carbon footprint and protecting animals.  
  2. Ethical Production: We take pride in manufacturing our sneakers under fair trade conditions, ensuring fair wages and ethical, safe working environments for our workers. 
  3. Unisex and Comfortable: Designed to fit all genders, our white vegan sneakers are comfortable for all-day wear, perfect for your urban lifestyle. 
  4. Timeless Style: White sneakers are always in style. They are versatile and adapt to different styles and trends, making them a smart investment for your wardrobe. 

Discover our entire history with sustainability

This autumn, white vegan sneakers are your fashion ally for embracing current sustainability and timelessness trends. By choosing our White Vegan Sneakers, you'll not only be fashionable but also supporting ethical practices and helping preserve our planet.

Whether with a trench coat, brown trousers, and a white shirt, or an elegant black blazer, these white sneakers will elevate your style while staying true to your values. It's time to make a conscious choice in this autumn's fashion! 

In the autumn of 2023, white vegan sneakers are a trend thanks to their sustainability and versatility. These sneakers perfectly align with the sustainable and timeless fashion trend of the season. Crafted from sustainable materials like corn leather, they exemplify ethical fashion.

Their timeless style makes them a smart investment for your capsule wardrobe. 

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