5 Outfits for everyday life

How to dress for the office? Here you will find 5 Outfits for everyday life.

Fall 2023 brings us a trend for office attire that focuses on comfort without sacrificing style and embraces sustainable fashion to build a lasting capsule wardrobe.

Vegan sneakers are the perfect choice for a perfect "work style" That's why I bring you  5 Outfits for everyday life with vegan sneakers for a casual outfit. 

  1. Navy Sweater + Comfy Pants = MANIMAL BURGUNDY: A navy-style sweater paired with comfortable jogger pants is essential for those days when you want a relaxed outfit without too much fuss. To add a distinctive and elegant touch, opt for MANIMAL BURGUNDY, one of the most sought-after sneakers of the season. vegan sneakers
  2. Jeans + Pastel Blazer = STREET SNEAKERS VANILLA: The most basic office look consists of jeans and a pastel blazer. To liven up this ensemble, choose STREET SNEAKERS VANILLA, which will add a bright and fresh touch. These sneakers are made from recycled materials, such as rice husks and rubber, and feature recycled lining and insoles. vegan sneakers
  3. Wool Coat + Jeans = UX 68 LEOPARD: When it comes to a vegan wool coat and jeans, the classic combination can get a bold style twist with UX-68 LEOPARD. These sneakers are manufactured in small factories and workshops in Spain, with ethical and fair working conditions. Plus, they are unisex, suitable for anyone, regardless of gender. vegan sneakers
  4. Satin Midi Skirt + White Jacket = MANIMAL NUDE: If you're looking for a ballet-inspired outfit with soft colors, MANIMAL NUDE is ideal. These sneakers are made from 70% organic material derived from non-edible corn. Despite their skin-like appearance, they are 100% vegan and have an 80% reduced environmental impact. vegan sneakers
  5. Colored Trench Coat = STREET SNEAKERS WHITE: STREET SNEAKERS WHITE are perfect for pairing with burgundy, pink, or marsala-colored trench coats. Their purple and beige accents make them perfect companions for these garments. Additionally, these sneakers use SEQUAL material, made from recycled plastics extracted from the ocean, contributing to ocean cleanup efforts. vegan sneakers

Comfortable sneakers to wear all day, timeless and made with corn leather for Fall 2023. It's clear that vegan sneakers are at the forefront of the "slow fashion" trend, offering comfort, style, and a commitment to sustainability that should not be overlooked.

Make your office looks more elegant and ethical with these fashionable footwear options! 

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