Is barefoot really beneficial?

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In our last post, we plunged headfirst into the world of barefoot footwear and answered the most common questions surrounding this style of footwear.

Today we are going to take a closer look at the characteristics and advantages of barefoot shoes. Barefoot shoes go beyond what meets the eye. So, if you're ready to dive even deeper into the world of barefoot shoes and discover how they can improve your quality of life, we invite you to read on!

We know there can always be some scatterbrains among our readers, so before diving into the details of the features of barefoot footwear, we're going to briefly explain what barefoot footwear is.

What is barefoot footwear?

Barefoot footwear is more than a simple trend; it's a philosophy that advocates for mimicking the sensation of walking barefoot, allowing our feet to move naturally and freely. Unlike conventional shoes, which often restrict movement and the foot's natural function, barefoot footwear offers an experience closer to barefoot walking, with thin, flexible soles that allow a greater tactile sensation and a full range of movement.

Features of barefoot footwear

  1. Thin, flexible soles: The soles of barefoot shoes are designed to be as thin and flexible as possible, allowing the feet to flex and move naturally, as if they were barefoot.
  2. Amplitude: Barefoot shoes are designed with an anatomical shape that allows the toes to spread and grip the ground naturally, promoting better posture and balance.
  3. Zero drop: The "zero drop" feature means that the shoe sole has the same thickness at the heel as at the front, which encourages a more natural and neutral stride, properly aligning the body's posture.
  4. Vegan and Sustainable Materials: At Beflamboyant, we are committed to using only vegan and sustainable materials in the manufacture of our barefoot shoes, such as recycled fabrics, organic cotton, and polyurethane without harmful chemicals.


Benefits of barefoot footwear

  1. Muscle strengthening: By allowing the feet to move naturally, barefoot footwear helps to strengthen the muscles of the foot, leg, and core, which can improve stability and prevent injuries.
  2. Improved balance and posture: By promoting a more natural stride, barefoot footwear can help improve balance and posture, correctly aligning the spine and reducing pressure on the joints.
  3. Greater connection with nature: By feeling the ground under your feet more directly, barefoot footwear connects you more with nature and the environment around you, providing a sense of freedom and connection.
  4. Improved proprioception: Proprioception is the body's ability to perceive its position in space. Being barefoot stimulates the sensory receptors in the feet more, which can improve proprioception.
  5. Reduced joint impact: By using minimalist footwear, the excessive cushioning often found in conventional shoes is eliminated, which can reduce impact on the joints and potentially decrease the risk of injuries.
  6. Increased foot mobility: By allowing the foot to move more naturally, the use of minimalist footwear can help maintain or improve the mobility and flexibility of the feet.


Now that you know all the features and benefits, why not give barefoot footwear a try and experience the benefits for yourself?

At Beflamboyant, we are committed to providing you with quality footwear that is not only good for your feet but also for the planet. Join the vegan footwear revolution!

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