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As you already know, our next launch is barefoot footwear. Barefoot that is vegan, sustainable, ethical, and made in Spain.

In a constantly evolving world, where environmental awareness and personal well-being are priorities, vegan and sustainable fashion has emerged as a powerful and significant trend.

Throughout this blog, we will explore what exactly barefoot is, why you should consider adopting it, and how this lifestyle perfectly aligns with the ethics of our brand. Join us towards more conscious and nature-connected footwear!

Now we're going to answer some of the most common questions that arise in relation to barefoot footwear.


What does barefoot mean?

The term "barefoot" literally refers to being barefoot. However, in the context of footwear and lifestyle, barefoot goes beyond simply taking off your shoes. It's about letting your feet free and move as they please.

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What does it mean to be barefoot?

Being barefoot is more than just taking off your shoes. It's a sensory experience that connects you with the world around you. It's freedom in its purest form! Feeling the grass under your feet, the sand between your toes...

What exactly is barefoot footwear?

Barefoot or barefoot footwear is that which mimics the sensation of walking barefoot. It is characterized by having extremely thin and flexible soles, which allows a direct connection with the ground and greater freedom of movement for the feet.

Is it safe to wear barefoot footwear everywhere?

While barefoot footwear can be beneficial in many environments, it's important to take into account the terrain and conditions. You may need time to adjust to the sensation of walking barefoot and avoid dangerous surfaces such as glass, nails, or sharp debris.

What are the benefits of wearing barefoot footwear?

Barefoot offers a number of benefits for both the body and the environment. Wearing barefoot footwear can strengthen the muscles of the foot, improve posture and biomechanics, increase sensitivity and stability, and reduce the risk of injuries. In addition, it promotes a sense of connection with nature and increased body awareness. Also, wearing barefoot footwear also reduces the environmental footprint by opting for sustainable and vegan materials, rather than products derived from animals or harmful plastics.

What is the use of barefoot?

Barefoot is used for everything! From walking in the park to practicing yoga or dancing under the moon. It's a lifestyle that adapts to any occasion. So there are no excuses not to try it!

How can I start wearing barefoot footwear?

If you're new to the world of barefoot footwear, it is advisable to start gradually.

What should I look for when choosing barefoot footwear?

When choosing barefoot footwear, look for options with thin and flexible soles that allow a good sense of contact with the ground. It's also important that the footwear fits correctly and provides enough space for your toes to move freely.

Look for options that are vegan, i.e., free from any animal-derived material, and that are made of sustainable materials, like recycled plant materials. It's also important to consider the place of manufacture. Opting for barefoot footwear made in Spain ensures that it's produced under ethical and fair labor conditions.

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Is coexistence possible between traditional footwear and barefoot footwear?

Of course, coexistence between traditional footwear and barefoot footwear is totally possible and, in fact, can be very beneficial. Both types of footwear have their own advantages and specific applications, so there's no need to choose one over the other. Here we explain how they can coexist:

  1. Variety is key. By having traditional and barefoot footwear in your wardrobe, you'll have the flexibility to choose the most suitable type of footwear for each activity or situation. For example, you can opt for traditional footwear for special occasions or activities that require greater protection, and choose barefoot footwear for everyday wear, outdoor activities, or sports.
  2. Complementary benefits: Both types of footwear offer unique benefits. While traditional footwear provides more protection and support, barefoot allows greater freedom of movement and a direct connection with the ground. By alternating between both types of footwear, you can take advantage of the benefits of each to maintain the health and well-being of your feet.
  3. Gradual transition: If you're interested in incorporating barefoot into your life, but you're not sure about taking the leap immediately, you can opt for a gradual transition. Start alternating between traditional and barefoot footwear at different times of the day or during different activities. This will allow you to gradually get used to the sensation of walking barefoot and avoid possible discomfort or injuries.
  4. Listen to your body: Everyone is different, so it's important to listen to your body and pay attention to how it responds to each type of footwear. If you notice any discomfort or discomfort when using barefoot footwear, you may need to adjust your walking or running technique, or you simply need more time to get used to it. Don't force yourself and move at your own pace.

Now that we've told you all about barefoot footwear and resolved the most recurrent doubts about this new respectful footwear trend, why not give it a chance?


As we know that you can't wait to see what we have in store for you, here's a little preview of what the Beflamboyant barefoot collection will be like. Of course this new collection will be 100% vegan and plant-based, because this is the vegan footwear revolution!

We can't wait for it to be released and for you to be able to try these new vegan barefoot shoes.

Barefoot Beflamboyant

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