About us

“Bring out the best in yourself”

About us


Hello! We are Jorge and Tatiana, a couple of young Spanish entrepreneurs in their twenties that one day decided to jump into a pool without checking if there was water in and started our own sneakers brand.

As Thomas Edison in XIX century, our light bulb turned on: we decided to create a product for all kind of people, mixing fashion and sustainability and without involving animals. And.. voilá! We create Beflamboyant.

Having as references our ideals (love for animals, the environment and gender equality) we try to bring out the best in ourselves every day so that you, who are behind this screen, also think and realize that in the fashion industry we must also be responsible with the environment.

Where does Beflamboyant begin?

It is scientifically impossible to find the beginning of a rainbow, it all depends on the point of view of the person who looks at it.

The same happens with Beflamboyant, we can say that our idea began after a trip in which we realized the enormous ecological footprint humans are leaving on the planet or it could also be that began when we discovered what was a crowdfunding.

So, like happens with a rainbow, if you combine water, sun and a unique vision the result is a colorful and wonderful product like Beflamboyant.


It is estimated that there are 10,000 three-leaf clovers for each of four leaves…

Come on… you cannot cheat on us, you want to be exclusive and different, that’s why our sneakers are designed for you to be that four-leaf clover.

Cruelty – free, sustainable, fair trade and unisex: these are the four leaves of our clover creating a product committed to the environment and the animals, different and with a very high quality.

Details make the difference and we want to be thoughtful with you. That’s why we have taken care of every part of the sneaker to the fullest: the colors, the timelessness and our quality materials are essential characteristics.


For us, our clients are the most important part of our project. You are our family and for it
we offer you a personalized attention as soon as possible.

We are Jorge and Tatiana and we are at your disposal to solve any doubt or problem you may have.Our highest priority is to take care of you as our client so if we make a mistake we will solve it as soon as possible. We are a family and we know that if we give you the best of us, you will give it back to us with all your support.

To solve any problem with your purchase, please write to our email solutions@beflamboyant.com