5 reasons not to buy on Black Friday



Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that Black Friday ´s purchases have?

    Our slogan for Black Friday is #YouBuyTheEarthPays, through which we want to encourage you to be part of the change. 

    As you know, from Beflamboyant we are very involved in responsable consumption specially in the fashion industry. 

    Don't expect Black Friday discounts at Beflamboyant. We are loyal to our principles and values. We are honest from the beginning. Our prices are fair all year round, both for our customers and for our suppliers and workers.

Be part of the change, we already are.

    Therefore, we ask you a question: is Black Friday a right day to buy?. If you continue reading, we will give you five reasons why not.


  1. The unconscious consumption exhaust our resources 


    The excessive purchase means that we are increasingly using more limited resources of our planet. In fact, at the current rate of consumption, three planets like ours will be needed to meet the demand.

   This was one of the reasons why we decided to use recycled materials to make our vegan sneakers such as recycled PET bottles, recycled cotton or SEAQUAL for the production of our sneakers and  their respective zero waste packaging.



  1. We are killing our trees

DEFORESTATION    Currently, the situation of deforestation in the world is disturbing.
    Our forests are being cut down at a rate comparable to 27 soccer fields per minute and about 47% of them are at risk of deforestation.

    All of the purchases made on Black Friday harm our planet due to pollution and the use of natural resources. According to Greenpeace, we are consuming natural resources 3 times faster than they can be regenerated.

    Moreover, as VOGUE magazine explains, there is a more worrying problem than the deforestation: the degradation of forests, from which we could obtain materials such as leather, viscose… We are letting that 3 billion trees become packaging annually!

    At Beflamboyant we are committed to fight against climate change. To make a change and save our planet that any time you buy one of our vegan sneakers, we plant a tree. With your help we have already planted more than 10.000 trees!


  1. The idea of “new” should be replaced by: reused, recycled, repaired. What if we start with the packaging?  


    If we want to help our planet, we should support sustainable and fair trade companies that apply their principles in every one of the production processes. Usually, we keep our eyes into the materials our sustainable footware are made of, but what about the packaging?

   Few people take this into account and there is not make sense to buying vegan shoes if they come in packaging that is not sustainable.
    According to Greenpeace’s report, 40% of the plastics manufactured are bags, wrappers... and 12 million tons that reach to oceans affect the marine species that inhabit them, taking into account that the average use of a bag plastic is 15 minutes.                                                                                                  
  1. C02 emissions increase x 6 during black Friday. Was you conscious of this? 


     During the distribution process, large amounts of CO2 are released into the atmosphere, one of the principals causes of the pollution that increases x 6 during BLACK FRIDAY for the massive purchases of consumers encouraged by multiple promotions. (Before buying we should think about if we really need it, and if we would buy it if it wasn’t on sale.) 

   Until today, our vegan and sustainable brand though the planting of trees has managed to absorb more than 251,11 tons of CO2 per year and generate more than 1.004,5 tons of oxygen, helping to curb atmospheric pollution.


  1. We buy a lot but use so little 

POLLUTION    Currently, we buy more than we need and the principal fault of this is the fast fashion and, especially, the Black Friday.

   What do you think about it? Is it better to buy clothes and footwear weekly that goes out of style or sustainable and timeless fashion?

   Greenpeace warns us. There are more than 100 billion garments that are manufactured annually due to fast fashion companies that are generating a serious problem in the use of natural resources and in the generation of residues. The manufacture of clothing and footwear generates larges CO2 emissions, so if you preserve your clothes you will be contributing to their reduction. This is one more reason to invest in sustainable footwear.


    For these five reasons, our sustainable brand wants to encourage the change in the fashion industry, putting the focus on beautiful, sustainable and timeless vegan shoes, which allow its Flamboyanes to dress trendy without the need to buy sneakers weekly. Moreover, our sustainable footwear are designed so that our consumers feels confortable when they are wearing one of them.

    So… after read this text what do you think about?

It is Black Friday a suitable day to buy?

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