4 tips that will make your Christmas more sustainable.


4 tips that will make your Christmas more sustainable, with values and that you end the year with a positive impact.

The most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner and at Beflamboyant we want to be present for another year in this very special moment, but we don't want to go unnoticed. 

At Christmas an average of 631€ per person is spent on Christmas gifts and articles, but is this expense necessary or there are more sustainable alternatives? If you also have doubts about whether your purchase is sustainable, in this blog post we ask you 5 questions to find out. 

1. Unique, sustainable and original decoration

Are you one of those who associates being fashionable with constantly buying decoration elements? Who said that the most beautiful Christmas decorations are bought in stores?

dehydrate oranges

Christmas decoration tries to simulate nature to transmit peace and comfort, but what if instead of buying unnecessarily we bet on an ecological Christmas? What if this Christmas we use oranges in our decoration? Yes! You read well! But don't worry, it's easier than it seems! And if you keep reading you will find out.

First of all, we must dehydrate our oranges and, for this, we can choose different ways:

- Dehydrate them with water and salt: for this you will need a container full of water and salt in which to let the oranges rest. Remember that they must be completely covered! After 10 minutes, take them out and place them on absorbent kitchen paper so that the dehydration process begins and... wait!

- Baked oranges!: For this way of dehydrating the fruit, you must cut the oranges into slices before putting them in the oven. Place the pieces of fruit on a tray and bake for 4 hours at 120o!

- The microwave, a good ally: yes! You can also use the microwave! To do this, you must cut our oranges into slices and place them on absorbent kitchen paper at a temperature of 800W for 3 minutes. When this time passes, you should change the kitchen paper and repeat the process until your oranges are completely dehydrated.

- Oranges in the Sun: Curious, right? Oranges can also be dried in the sun, although this process is slower than the previous ones. To do this, place your slices on absorbent paper on a surface where it receives sunlight and... wait!

Watch out! Keep in mind that after the dehydration process the oranges become more fragile, so we recommend letting them cool for a period of 12-24 hours before starting work. And then... comes the best part!

Let your imagination run wild and give a Christmas and sustainable touch to your home! Here are some ideas so you can get inspired and get the best results.


2. Meet the three "R's": reduce, recycle and reuse... Santa is watching you

Each Spaniard generates 4 million paper and cardboard waste per year, of which 30% represent only the Christmas season. This year, at Beflamboyant we want you to join us and be part of the change.

Reduce the purchase of excess wrapping paper, keep in mind that it pollutes a lot and we use it very little. Reuse all those wrappers that you have at home or even use pieces of newspapers or magazines as packaging, it is a very original and sustainable option that will give a vintage touch to your gifts.

And if you use our box? We assure you that it cannot be more beautiful! Go for it! For this sustainable decoration you will only need your sustainable shoe box, scissors, cord and decorative flowers.

Step 1: Roll up! Take the cord and start wrapping your box. You can decide the amount of material you use for your decoration, but don't forget that we want to wrap as sustainable as possible!

Step 2: Choose your decorative elements. In this case, we use flowers, but you can use whatever you want. Just let your imagination run wild!



3. Make small sustainable changes, they have a big impact

When we think of Christmas it is inevitable to think of excesses: excess gifts, excess decoration, excess food... but it is in our hands to change it. For this reason, from Beflamboyant we will give you tips so that you can enjoy an incredibly sustainable Christmas.

- Create a shopping list

Think about the ingredients you will need to carry out your delicious recipes. Seems obvious right? But the truth is that if we make a list we will not doubt the products that we will have to buy and we will buy what is fair and necessary.

Bet on local trade

Did you know that there are products that travel more than 5,000 kilometers before reaching your hands? We encourage you to bet on local commerce and consume seasonal, fresh and quality products that take care of you and our planet.

But this is not something that can only be applied to food, it can also be applied to footwear and it is what makes Beflamboyant truly sustainable. We manufacture our sustainable footwear just 150 km from our warehouse! You can discover our entire story HERE
Are you aware that a plastic bag is going to stay longer on the planet than you? Reuse those plastic bags that you have at home or use cloth bags, which are more resistant and more respectful with the environment.

At Beflamboyant we are aware of all this and that is why we use jute bags, a 100% biodegradable and recyclable vegetable fiber with cotton handles. Our bag is the clear example that what is sustainable, beautiful and durable can go hand in hand.

    4. Buy quality and not quantity. Give sustainable gifts and brands with values

    At Beflamboyant we are aware that excessive purchases of gifts that are made at Christmas end up contaminating more than what is actually used. It's time to change.

    We are not only a vegan and sustainable shoe brand. We are very aware of the environment and responsible purchases and we know that you are too.

    Today, betting on sustainable brands is more important than we think, therefore, we invite you to join our change and give sustainable, long-lasting and timeless brands that allow you to show who you really are.



    If you want to bet on a sustainable, vegan, durable and timeless footwear brand, we are your brand! We encourage you to start consuming in a more conscious and sustainable way and to be the person you have always wanted to be. 
    Anula company
    If you are looking to give away clothes... we have the right store for you! Anula Company not only sells clothes, it also sells a history, a philosophy and a way of seeing life through eco-conscious consumption.
    And if you don't know what to combine their clothes with... in their physical store located at C. Claudio Marcelo, 8, 14002 Córdoba you can find our sustainable and vegan sneakers for sale! You no longer have an excuse to start dressing with your own values!       
    The change in the cosmetics sector has arrived. Banbú is a zero waste cosmetics store made with 100% natural, vegan, toxic free, cruelty free ingredients and, of course, sustainable.
    If you are looking to give away cosmetics this Christmas, betting on Banbú is the best option. And remember that the health of the planet is a reflection of our own health. Shall we start pampering him more?
    The slowest way to buy and live is in Ecodicta, a circular closet, a way of seeing the world. Its purpose is to extend the useful life of your garments to the maximum by renting them.
    When you give Ecodicta as a gift, you are not only giving away clothes, but you are helping to take care of our planet, a way to enjoy fashion in community and a beautiful way to reuse clothes.

      Making your Christmas a more sustainable time without losing its essence is possible. Will you join our change?

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