5 questions to ask yourself before buying


If you need to buy do it consciously.

Below you will find 5 questions to ask yourself before buying.
Are you ready?

1- Are you more attracted to the price or the product?



If the price attracts you more, you don't need it. Marketing actions are designed so that you see an attractive price and feel the impulse to buy.


2- Is this product going to satisfy real needs?


 You have to think about if it is a really necessary product for you or a passing need. Do you have another similar product that would cover a real need?Sometimes it is also necessary to get rid of other things before buying something new and in this way we would stop accumulating things that we do not use. 


3- Do the values behind that product represent you?


The values of the products we buy define us, we should value more the philosophy behind that products.Be curious and research that brand. What certificates does the brand have?. it's transparent? Fair trade? Vegan? sustainable?

If you want to buy footwear, we give you 4 reasons to buy vegan and sustainable footwear

4- Can you postpone this purchase?

POSTPONE PURCHASEIf you answer yes, ask yourself if you really need to purchase the product. Many times we are moved by impulses on days like Black Friday or days in which we are bored and we dedicate ourselves to surfing the internet.


5.- How many times are you going to use it?


So many times we buy unnecessary things that we end up not using. Have you analyzed the use you are going to give to that product? You must know that if it is not a timeless and durable product, you should not buy it because it affects negatively on our planet. 


Christmas is coming, you can use these questions to have a more sustainable gift ideas. 

At Beflamboyant, we always say if you don't need us, don't buy from us.
We believe in what we do, which is why we are more than a vegan and sustainable footwear brand. We are a way of seeing life. 

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