4 Reasons to buy vegan and sustainable shoes

Currently, a lot of consumers choose to buy fast-fashion, because of its low prices, its aesthetics, its fame… but have you ever thought about the advantages that buying vegan and sustainable shoes have?
Join us and we will give you four fundamental reasons why you should start changing your habits and join to the slow fashion: conscious and sustainable fashion.
  1. Respect for the planet and animals
Respect for the planet and animals. VEGAN SNEAKERS
Vegan shoes don't use raw materials of animal origin and they are made cruelty free. Besides,  there are sustainable which means they are made of recycled or recyclable materials. In this way the use of natural resources is reduced to a minimum and with it, our impact on the environment.

Moreover, authentic and transparent people attract our attention, why not do the same with the fashion industry, which is also one of the most pollution on the planet?. By buying vegan and sustainable footwear you take care of the environment, animals and people trough responsible consumption. Consuming in accordance with your values is betting on yourself, for who are you and for who you would like to become. 



  1. Vegan and sustainable traceability and certificates
    Respect for the planet and animals, VEGAN SNEAKERS

Did you know that vegan footwear has an average of 80% less impact on the environment than animal skin footwear? This is because to produce your sneakers, shoes our vegan boots, less quantity of water is used, less CO2 is emitted to the atmosphere, there is no animal suffering and also in Beflamboyant we have fair working conditions for both workers and suppliers.

But we are not satisfied, we also fight against #veganwashing, we not only say that we are a vegan brand, but also we have the most demanding vegan certification on the market, granted by The Vegan Society and the brand is approved by PETA. 


Furthermore, we are committed not only to our customers but also to our employees. That's  why we have fair-conditions for both workers and suppliers as our certifications show.

 Are the certificates important? Of course, they guarantee that the brand has made a thorough study of its materials and production chain to guarantee that they are vegan and sustainable. We recommend you to be curious and ask your favorite brands ir they have certifications. Remember: Veganism is more than a diet



  1. It is durable and timeless
It is durable and timeless. VEGAN BOOTS

Who said that sustainable materials are less durable? We are used to hearing that if a shoe is not made by animal skin, is not good or resistant, however, there is not any research that sustain this theory.

Precisely for this reason, at Beflamboyant we use durable materials to manufacture our vegan sneakers, which take care of you and the environment, everything that sorrounds you and that allows us to be part of each and every one of your adventures.

We are not a fast-fashion company, quite the contrary, we create unique shoes for unique people. By buying our vegan footwear,  you are not only being fashionable, but you are defining the person that you really are and all of your values. 



  1. Promote the rule of the three “R”: reduce, reuse and recycle.
    Promote the rule of the three “R”:  reduce, reuse and recycle. VEGAN SHOES
Buying compulsively and unconscious has led to dressing ourselves becoming a constant destruction of the planet, because we believe that wearing fashionable shoes is use and throwing away, a reason that makes that sustainable companies such Beflamboyant bet on the creation of long-term collections as opposed to the temporary collections launched by fast-fashion.
We want you to feel identified with our way of seeing the world and we tell you how your favorite shoes are made. Being faithful to our philosophy, we recycle and reuse PET bottles to manufacture our sneakers and we also use materials with a 63% of organic base such as corn or bamboo, and we invite you to help us reduce the damage that we cause to the planet. That’s the reason why we recommend you to buy vegan sneakers only if you really need them.


In this way, we want to make you reflect: are the clothes and shoes you buy according with your philosophy and values?
Do you feel that it represents you?
For these four reasons it is so important to bet on the consumption of vegan and sustainable clothes and shoes. We want to accompany you in each of your steps so that you feel confortable, free and confident in using your sustainable sneakers, because at Beflamboyant, we believe that small habits can make big changes. We are also unisex, you are the only person who should decide what you want to wear.

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