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Lookbook two with three models
Lookbook three with three models
Lookbook four with three models
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Do you want to get the perfect outfit?
Dear family, Beflamboyant not only offers you exclusive and high quality vegan footwear, but also offers you ideas to look stylish every day and how to perfectly combine all your wardrobe with the best and most versatile vegan sneakers of the moment.
As you may have seen on our website, the Beflamboyant vegan sneakers combine with absolutely everything, we have a pair perfect for each person and every moment. If you want to get your perfect outfit, dare with Beflamboyant.
Sustainable fashion, in this case ecological footwear, does not have to be synonymous with be out of fashion. Something similar is thought about unisex fashion, but Beflamboyant produces unisex vegan sneakers as we do not make the difference between genders so people can feel free to wear whatever they want and be in the latest fashion at the same time.
How to combine your vegan sneakers.
The Beflamoyant vegan sneakers are designed with a basic main color, a must have that cannot be missed,: the white color combine with all your clothes.
Each Beflamboyant vegan sneaker model consists of a combination of three other colors which offer you infinite possible choices.
  • Your clothes of nude, camel, pink and earth colors  will match perfectly with our Sand and Leopard models.
  • Our Beflamboynat UX-68 White vegan sneakers are a classic that will never go out of fashion. They fit with absolutely everything, a winning combination with clothing form the entire range of grays and in a special way with black trousers.
  • As a secret, we will tell you that black trousers combined with our WATER model will energize your feet by highlighting the color of your new vegan sneakers.
  • If you like to wear white, navy blue or red clothes, the Beflamboyant UX-68 Navy are your safe choice, you will go with a modern and elegant outfit.
  • Are you more daring and you go for a military and mustard look? If so, the Beflamboyant UX-68 WINE vegan sneakers cannot be missed. The wine color combined with camel will fit perfectly with this clothing style.
  • If you wear mostly classic jeans, you are lucky since all the models fit perfectly with them. You will only have to choose the ones you like the most and combine them with a suitable t-shirt or jumper.