Your new brand of vegan, sustainable and fair trade sneakers


Looking for a pair of ecological shoes with cool & timeless design? Congrats, you are on the right website!

BEFLAMBOYANT is a brand  of vegan sneakers, sustainable sneakers and unisex sneakers born in 2019 in Galicia, Spain. Our mission is to change the present to shape a better future by creating sustainable and vegan footwear while empowering a new way of consumption responsible with the environment, the animals and the people.

We are a transparent brand and ask transparency to our partners too to guarantee production traceability and responsible supply chains to bring you the best product featuring top-quality ecological materials. We care about human rights and we want to contribute to improving workers conditions in the fashion industry by establishing fair trade standards on all our products.

We also advocate for a fashion industry in which people buy clothes that they will care and treasure for life.

“Buy less, choose well, make it last” is our mantra.

Because it’s now or never, we’re putting all our efforts on #DoingChange.

But we can’t do it alone, will you join us in this journey?  

We are a 100% vegan and cruelty free sneakers brand

BEFLAMBOYANT is our answer to the lack of quality vegan footwear offer in the market. Although vegan footwear is becoming essential for those people concerned with the environment and animal care like you and us, till now,it was difficult to find vegan footwear in Spain and that’s why Tati and Jorge, our founders, created BEFLAMBOYANT in 2019.

Since then, we strive to improve at every step we take and that’s how we achieved a fully #ZeroWaste packaging and PETA Approved Vegan label, the  GRS (Global Standard Recycled) certificate and OEKO TEX® Standar 100.

Why unisex?

We believe in gender equality and that’s why our vegan sneakers are unisex sneakers. No matter if you want to buy women vegan sneakers or man vegan sneakers. There’s a pair of BEFLAMBOYANT for you.

“BEFLAMBOYANT is more than just a brand, it is a way of understanding life, a new voice that wants to change the fashion industry while empowering people to consume less and better and protect our Planet”

Jorge Lopez Rodriguez. Co – founder

“We are a motivated team of young people commited to reduce the negative impact of fashion  and Humans  on Earth creating  quality ecological footwear”

Tatiana Gonzalez Martinez Co – founder

Awards that support us

And pushes us to keep on dreaming and hard working to become a benchmark in the market for sustainable fashion and ecological footwear:

  • “Best emerging ethical fashion brand 2020” Eluxe Awards 2020
  • “Talent young award 2020” Company Category Xunta de Galicia
  • “Entrepreneur of the year 2019” AJE Pontevedra Awards
  • “Best design and fashion stand” Pontup 2019