What have we achieved for 3 years?

Discover during June 17 to July 17, the surprises we have prepared for you, our Flamboyans. This year we will do different giveaways on Instagram, you can win some shoes, plant trees and try new products from one of our favorite brands. 

During these three years many things have happened. We are very proud to contribute to changing consumption habits, not only by helping to reduce the consumption of materials of animal origin, but also by promoting conscious and responsible consumption. Manufacturing vegan, sustainable, fair trade and unisex footwear that contributes to the responsible, fair and timeless fashion industry.

We have not stopped looking for the most sustainable, vegan and highest quality materials for you. For this reason, we are very proud that our most sustainable model, the UX-68 collection, is now made with corn material, with 63% plant based, replacing the vegan microfiber with which we worked at the beginning.



We also contribute to the cleanliness of our oceans using SEAQUAL, a material made from waste that is extracted from the sea. Another of the changes that we recently implemented with our Black Coco collection and that quickly positioned itself as the third best-selling product on our website.

Also at Beflamboyant we say enough to #veganwashing, that's why our products are approved by PETA and certified with The Vegan Society.

We continue to plant a tree for every pair of shoes sold on our website, and we have planted more than 10,000 trees, which means 251,11 tons of CO2 absorbed per year, 1.004,5 tons of oxygen created per year, 401,8 hours of work and 10,045 hectares of restored land.


But we don't want to stop here, we want to continue growing, improving our production processes and especially our footwear.

This year we are going to celebrate our third birthday in a different way, for a month we will do different giveaways to thank all the Flamboyanes for your constant support, without you, Beflamboyant would not be possible.

This year Anina, from @aniahimsa and Heloïse from @easyblush, two of our ambassadors from the beginning, will participate with us. This also makes us different, for 3 years the same ambassadors continue to work with us, because they trust Beflamboyant, because they believe in what we do, because our footwear is of quality.


With them we will plant many trees, but not only that, you can win some Beflamboyant. You can't lose this.

Also this year they have joined the action, we will do a great giveaway with BANBÚ and you will be able to try their products. BANBÚ,  an activist natural cosmetics brand, a call to action and change. They represent a philosophy of sustainable living connected with nature. They want to be the necessary impetus to generate the change that the cosmetic industry needs. That is why all their cosmetics are natural, zero waste and vegan. Its cosmetics consume 90% less water and produce 60% less Co2 compared to conventional ones.

There will be many more surprises but if we told you everything, where would be the excitement?
Thank you Flamboyán for getting here, for trusting our footwear, for being part of the change.
With  love, Jorge y Tatiana

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