Eat Black Friday 2021 with Beflamboyant

Eat Black Friday or how to rebel against irresponsible consumption in defense of the Planet

Eat Black Friday 2021 with Beflamboyant


In 2021 we launched the #EatBlackFriday campaign. Join the BF CLUB and get your € 20 coupon.

Our Black Friday mantra is #BuyNothingDoSomething, so we want to challenge you to do something. Not that you buy a pair of sneakers, we want to be honest and only encourage you to buy something if you really need it. If you don't need a vegan pair of sneakers, please don't buy from us. Seriously.

Beflamboyant donation vegan food


But we also want you to join us. With your support we will donate vegan food to those who need it most. How many kg of food do you think we can donate? Dare to participate #EatBlackFriday. Until November 30.

Because it is not just one day. It is a way of living and understanding our responsibility to the planet, animals and people, promoting and encouraging conscious consumption.

For every 1000 points you get in Beflamboyant

we will donate 5 kg of VEGAN food IN PONTEVEDRA.

Also, if you need a pair of sneakers, you can redeem those points in our online store.

Get points and redeem them for a coupon of up to € 20 and we will donate vegan food for you.

How to do it?

1- Visit

2- Start getting points:

  • 400 points for joining the BF CLUB
  • 400 points for following us on Instagram
  • 200 points for following us on Facebook
  • + Extra points? Share the link with your friends

3-  If you need a pair of sneakers, you can redeem your points on

1000 points = 20€


Black Friday? Very little for us!




You know, that at Beflamboyant, transparency has priority. We tell you everything!

Eat Black Friday 2021 Beflamboyant close online store

From the beginning we decided not to celebrate Black Friday, a day that encourages excessive consumption. Throughout the year our prices are fair and responsible. Our sneakers are of quality and our workers have fair wages and working conditions.

From Black Friday to December 13, 2020, transportation companies distributed 50 million packages.

It is estimated that the purchases that each person makes will result in the emission of 80 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere in just one day.

What for us may be a simple T-shirt, for the atmosphere is 2.5KG of CO2. An environmental cost that we cannot afford. And we must not allow.

We are fighting for an end to overproduction, overconsumption and waste in the fashion industry.

We want to encourage digital protest and call everyone to join us in the fight for the future of our planet.




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