Beflamboyant's Anniversary

Beflamboyant June 17 to July 17

We celebrate the second anniversary of Beflamboyant vegan shoes!

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Time is something ephemeral, fleeting, it passes very quickly ... It has been two years since Beflamboyant vegan shoes was launched to the world through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and we are very happy and proud of it.

Being an entrepreneur and launching your own brand of vegan shoes is like traveling on a roller coaster of emotions, you go up, down, back up and down again but the most important thing is to fight for your dreams every day, if you fall, you get up, If you take a step back, let it be to gain momentum, that's the attitude!

We are happy and proud of what we have achieved, a conscious vegan sneaker brand, respectful of the environment, animals and hard-working people, we promote responsible consumption among consumers.

We have created vegan shoes made to last, sustainable vegan sneakers, super comfortable, different, certified by The Vegan Society and PETA.

After two years we have met many more entrepreneurs and wonderful brands that we would like to present to you, that they exist is a joy for the Planet, Animals and hardworking people, that they exist means Future.



Ashoka Paris is a brand of high quality vegan leather goods founded by a Parisian couple, Gwenaelle and Frédéric. Their passion for the animal cause gave them the desire to create beautiful bags in accordance with their values.

Ashoka Paris offers refined, timeless handbags, wallets and accessories with a parisian spirit. They are made of innovative and high quality vegan materials. All the inner linings of the bags and wallets are made from recycled plastic bottles.

It is the first French brand to have presented a bag all made of Apple Skin, a biosourced material produced in Italy from apple waste.

Values: vegan, cruelty free, eco-responsible.



Mireia Playà: The vegan shoes brand was born in 2016 as a result of the illusion of its designer to offer a vegan alternative with a careful design.

Since its inception, it has manufactured its shoes in Alicante with high-quality materials as alternatives to leather, thus betting on ethical, sustainable and long-lasting fashion. Mireia Playà shoes are characterized by being feminine, subtle, but with personality. They will become the wardrobe of any woman thanks to their timeless design with trendy touches.



At Votch, we make award winning watches & minimalist accessories using innovative, sustainable and cruelty-free materials. 

For every purchase we plant a tree and donate a percentage of our profits to our seasonal charity partner. 

Laura launched Votch after suffering an illness that saw her lose all  skin. Having felt the pain of losing her own skin, she vowed to never wear the skin of another being again, and that's how Votch was born!



Fair Fits Better 100% Fit: Dawn is changing the fashion industry one fine pair of jeans at a time. Dawn strives to empower women to change the way clothes are made, sold and worn. Making your butt look good in jeans is a welcomed side-effect.

100% Fair: In our own Dawn Factory, we establish new standards for fairness, transparency and environmental awareness. In 2020, as the only brand to date, we received 100 out of a possible 100 points at the Fair Wear Foundation's Brand Performance Check.



"NUUWAÏ is a vegan bag label that has found a leather alternative of a special kind:

"AppleSkin": For this material they reuse the apple residues of the juice industry. This makes their bags not only cruelty-free but eco-friendly. The design of their "apple leather" products also reflects the sustainable values of the brand: a bag is meant to stay with its owner for a lifetime, not for a fashion season only. For this, they call on simple, urban colors, lines and shapes".



Clotsy is an eco-conscious and vegan fashion brand, we design and we produce our garments in Spain with recycled and organic materials. We want to help people, especially our plastic warriors, to take care of the planet with our clothes and we like to do it in a close and transparent way.



They believe that sharing is the best way to enjoy life, moments and of course, fashion. Is urgent to rethink the way of relating to our garments. Clothing swap and conscious consumption is what they promote.

The idea of ​​"new" mush be replaced by reused, recycled, rewear, repair.

To find out more you can read this post on our blog dedicated to ECODICTA. 


Equipo componente de Esturirafi

Esturirafi is a Galician store, was born as an ambassador blog for ecological, sustainable and healthy life. During these years they have written more than 500 posts and collaborated with more than 100 sustainable projects. Their new adventure is the Eco-store Esturirafi, a space in which they have gathered the basic products for a more sustainable life, products without plastic: reusable, practical and durable for your day to day, alternatives to single-use plastic.


We want to thank all the people who have supported us and believed in us in these 2 years, also to these wonderful brands who have wanted to be present on these dates.
This is just the beginning, for many more years ... Beflamboyant!




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