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The most sustainable thing is what is already manufactured.

So far everyone agrees right?
Circular economy, Upcycling, a new way to be fashionable is what we bring you in this new chapter of our Blog.

We always talk about vegan shoes, we have explained how our different collections of vegan sneakers are, emphasizing the Beflamboyant production chain in collaboration with BCOME, also in the last chapter of this Blog we saw why veganism is more than just one diet

But today dear friends we are going to talk about clothes, about a wonderful project with which we are delighted to give voice and proud to be able to collaborate. We want to make it clear that this is not advertising, we simply want to show you a wonderful project that has come our way and we want to add value to you in our Sustainable Fashion and Vegan Shoes Blog.

As you have seen on our social networks, we have presented Reels with different looks on several occasions, a content created by Tatiana (Co-founder of Beflamboyant) for you, to offer you a new option to be fashionable thanks to ECODICTA.


Tati with ECODICTA



As you already know, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. The impulse and uncontrolled consumption of Fast Fashion continues to be the main actor in the fashion world. Only about 14.5% of textile waste is recycled.
In the European Union each inhabitant produced an average 7.4Kg of textile material, 65.5% of textile waste ends up in landfills.

  • Clothing swap as an act of revolution and rebellion.
  • It’s a way of living and understanding our responsibility and the people promoting conscious consumption.
  • The idea of ​​"new" mush be replaced by reused, recycled, rewear, repair.
Buy less and buy better
Ecodicta team 1

At ECODICTA they believe that sharing is the best way to enjoy life, moments and of course, fashion. They believe that it is urgent to rethink the way of relating to our garments. They believe in those who put the same love both on clothes and on the planet.
It is their values ​​that guide them to achieve their mission of raising awareness about the relationship between the environment and fashion.

At BEFLAMBOYANT we have verified ourselves, specifically our CO-Founder Tatiana, that a fashion subscription can be much more fun than traditional shopping, as well as being much more sustainable than buying Fast Fashion.
In addition, new brands are also known and different styles are tried, all without having to buy or accumulate in our closet.

Look at Tatiana here and here as an example of what we receive.

Ecodicta team working

So ... how does ECODICTA work?

You only need a monthly subscription, fill in the information about yourself and your tastes and receive a box each month with clothes selected for you by ECODICTA or it can be clothes previously selected by you.
At the end of the month they collect the box and give you a new one, thus renewing the garments for another month so that fashion continues to be a unique and fun experience with them.
Each box is unique, made for you by its expert stylists, thinking about your tastes, lifestyle, your body and colorimetry.

First look with Beflamboyant LIFE Sahara

Circular wardrobe.

They clean and take care of the garments that they have collected and leave them as new to be used again, ready to be used by someone new and different, who is committed to circular fashion. They extend the useful life of garments to the maximum and help to avoid the impulsive purchase of Fast Fashion, they convey affection both to customers and to the planet, they try that nothing at ECODICTA becomes garbage, they have upcycling very present, they choose quality, brands with values ​​and take care of the details to the maximum.
The most sustainable thing is what is already manufactured.

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Second look with Beflamboyant LIFE Sahara

So, do you think there is an overconsumption of clothing?
What do you think we should do to stop it?

Thank you very much for your support, see you soon in the next chapter, remember, we are turning 2 years old and we bring you a unique and special opportunity, only for subscribers.
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