Te sustainable gift guide

This Christmas, we've created the perfect gift list and, best of all, we've made it planet-friendly.

Gift guide

We've thought of all those eco warriors out there and sorted the gifts to find the one that suits you best.

From recycled clothing to jewellery, we've brought you options from brands that are not only stylish, but also care about the health of the earth.

Are you a fan of gifts with a cause? Here you have the best sustainable and vegan fashion brands, second-hand clothes, vegan shoes, natural cosmetics...

To be always fashionable without leaving an ecological footprint the size of an elephant.


Yogi, party girl or skincare lover? Maybe a reading addict or a plant lover? Whatever you are, we have the perfect gift for you.

gift guide
  • YOGI

For the trendy yogis, we have the perfect gift! We all know that a good yogi girl needs to be comfortable in and out of yoga classes, so the best gift is the vegan Street sneakers made from corn leather by Beflamboyant, eco-friendly, comfortable and fashionable to show off a unique style while practising yoga or just walking around town.

Comfortable, beautiful and fashionable, with a light-coloured sports outfit from Fitplanet, made from recycled materials from the sea, you'll not only be comfortable and fashionable, but you'll also feel proud that you're doing your bit for the environment.

Of course, a good yogi girl would be nothing without her mat, with this one from Trendsplant, as well as being the envy of your yoga class, you are contributing to the care of the environment.

And to complete the pack, a matching thermos bottle to keep you well hydrated and best of all, plastic-free!



For the party girls who spend their nights dancing, we also have the perfect gift. Obviously, party girls need a pair of shoes that will keep up with the rhythm and accompany them through the hours of dancing, so the best gift is a pair of black vegan combat boots from Beflamboyant, comfortable, resistant and on-trend, so that nothing can stop you from having fun.
What's a party without a dress? Nothing! This second hand dress from Ecodicta  will be your best ally on those long party nights, besides being the most comfortable, you'll be the most beautiful and eco-friendly girl of all.
Every party queen needs a handbag that's up to her standards, this silver shoulder bag from Olivia Mareque is vegan and will turn heads.
What better accessory than a pair of silver earrings, these Salitre Joyas stainless steel earrings will accompany you during your long nights.
And finally, who doesn't need a lip balm in their handbag? This coconut-scented Banbu lip balm is cruelty free & vegan, made with natural products and plastic-free! A must-have in every party girl's handbag.
gift guide



For skincare and skincare lovers we have a cool gift idea, a pack of Banbu products to make your skin look radiant, serum, cleanser and moisturiser cruelty free & vegan, made from natural products and without plastic!
You can complement your facial routine with the Banbu  roller facial to become a true beauty guru. For a facial exercise routine of 10. With the rose quartz roller you will get a very relaxing massage all over your face, fighting flaccidity and excess facial tension.
To accompany your facial routine, what better than a pair of vegan boots from Beflamboyant  made with organic corn leather? They have the perfect skin but if you want you can also do your night routines with them.
We know that a good facial routine needs time and dedication, that's why we suggest a plant to accompany you, this one from Plántate  besides decorating your bathroom has infinite patience to wait for you to finish all the steps of your skincare.



The best gift for anyone who loves reading is a book, we recommend that you look for the one that best suits you, but in case you don't have any ideas, we leave you an idea here, this one by Gloria Carrión, Easy vegan recipes, an essential book in any kitchen.
Accompany your reading time with a candle, this handmade and vegan one by Proust Candles smells great and it's beautiful too.
This sustainable look from Rita Row is ideal for hours of reading without compromising on style, comfortable and with personality, you'll be the best dressed in the library.
Complement your look with Beflamboyant  bestseller, the Coco High Top boots in beige, vegan, sustainable, made with corn leather and the trendiest boots of the season.


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Have you ever heard the expression 'smart casual'? Well, that's what we mean when we talk about sporty-chic style. A trend that combines sportswear with a touch of glamour.
For these elegant but casual girls, we suggest these manimal sneakers from Beflamboyant. Comfortable and versatile footwear that doesn't compromise on style. Vegan, sustainable and made from corn skin, these sneakers are the perfect wardrobe staple for all your looks.
You can achieve a sporty-chic look with a sporty outfit, we suggest this one from Fitplanet  in a nude tone that is made from recycled materials from the sea.
Add to your look a bag with personality, we suggest this sustainable shopper from Rita Row that will give a chic touch to your look, you can finish with a pair of horn-rimmed glasses like these from Trendsplant.



If you are a true fashion lover and you join all the new trends that emerge, this is your profile.
We know that your ideal gift is a trendy garment, and taking advantage that we are in this season of parties and family gatherings, we propose this dress from Roca Mood, bright, with transparencies and sustainable, it has it all!
You can accompany this dress with vegan shoes from Beflamboyant, the Coco shoes in beige are an ideal and very combinable option, made with corn skin and ethically manufactured in Spain, they will become your favourite shoes this Christmas.
To finish off the look, this bag from La Bien Hecha is a perfect choice, the colour, size and shape are so versatile you won't want to take it off. It's also vegan and handmade by women in Spain.


gift guide

We all know someone who loves plants, and if you don't... it's probably you!
Undoubtedly, the best gift for these people are plants, we leave you several options of super different plants from Plantate. Look for the most original and different seedlings!
Watering plants, an essential activity for all plant lovers, that's why we recommend this watering can from Plántate  with a super special design, which in addition to its function of hydrating plants, can also serve as a decorative object.
Of course all plant lovers need some vegan sneakers, made with corn skin so that plants accompany them in every moment of their life, the Beflamboyant street mango sneakers are the perfect gift so that even your shoes are made of plants!
And what do you think of this second-hand denim waistcoat from Ecodicta? Plant lovers will go crazy for this farmer's style waistcoat.


gift guide


Now that you have plenty of gift ideas, here are 3 tips to get the perfect gift this Christmas:

  1. Think about the other person, their tastes and interests.
  2. Look for useful and quality gifts that will last for a long time.
  3. If you believe that the other person doesn't need anything material, give moments as gifts.

About the sustainable brands

And above all remember, sustainable brands are not cheap. Because quality materials are not cheap, because responsible production processes are not cheap, because fair wages are not cheap.


Because it means you are paying for sustainable, ethical and quality products.

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