Bye, 2023!

Bye 2023

Hello, Flamboyaners!

Can you believe we're already saying goodbye to 2023? What a year! We want to take a moment to look back and share all the craziness and amazing things we did together during these last 365 days.

Cool collaborations:

We made incredible friendships this year, and not just among ourselves! We were able to collaborate with brands that share our values, ideas, style, and above all, our good vibes.

Fashion fairs:

We embarked on the adventure of fashion fairs, and what can we say? It was like a party we didn't want to end. We met so many cool people and shared our love for vegan and sustainable footwear. Plus, surrounded by popcorn!

Look how crazy it is

New collections:

This year, we didn't hold back. We launched 5 collections that are on fire! Shoes that not only look cool aesthetically but are also good for the planet. Because who said sustainable fashion couldn't be stylish?

New collection Beflamboyant

Everywhere, even on the Moon:

Buckle up, because Beflamboyant is conquering the world! We reached more than 20 countries, and we couldn't be more excited. Thanks to all of you for taking us to places we didn't even know existed.

A bigger family than ever:

Who would have thought that so many people would choose Beflamboyant to dress their feet? More than 18.000 people are already part of the family, and that gives us goosebumps. Thank you for trusting us to be your adventure companions!

We Believe and we grow:

We not only grew in numbers but also took a step towards total sustainability. We started producing in Spain! Yes, ladies and gentlemen! The land of paella, flamenco, sun, and now, Beflamboyant!

This year we are also Carbon Neutral, we have adopted a little piece of Galician mountain that we care for and love like our Flamboyaners to compensate our C02 emissions, we can now say that we are carbon negative because we compensate more C02 than we emit.

We continue to be the vegan footwear revolution using corn leather with 80% less environmental impact, with more than 70% organic matter and we use Seaqual cleaning seas and oceans.

We take care of you, the animals and the Planet.

More team:

This year, we welcomed new members to the team who share our energy and love for sustainability. More people, more crazy ideas, more fun!

Conquering threads:

Tattoo this on your shoes, friends! We joined the party on the social network Threads  to connect with all of you in an even more fun and direct way. So, if you're not following us yet, you're missing out! Get ready for exclusive content, conversations, and looooots of fun.

We said no to black friday:

Once again, we stood against Black Friday. We don't support it, nor do we participate. We believe in conscious consumption and saying no to consumer frenzy. We hope that more and more people join our campaign for more thoughtful and sustainable consumption every year!

Our first fashion editorial:

Something we couldn't miss this year! We did our first fashion editorial, and the result was incredible! We showed the world that sustainable fashion can be as elegant and exciting as any other. More editorials will come, so get your eyes ready for more Beflamboyant style!

Beflamboyant fashion editorial

And now what?

As we say goodbye to 2023, we are more than ready to keep fighting during this 2024. Thank you for being part of this madness. We're excited to think about all the new adventures, crazy designs, friends, and laughter that will come. This is only the beginning.

Let's go for more!

We're going strong this new year and I'll give you a little spoiler: Barefoots lovers are going to flip out with our new respectful footwear. If barefoot shoes in the oven and samples super approved by you. Look for the spoiler in this video.

But we also have surprises for those of you who like the mountains, urban style and ahem... clogs, boots and... many many things that we will be launching this 2024. Stay tuned

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