Adopt your imperfect and give it a home

Find out why we hug imperfections and how to contribute to sustainability by choosing unique shoes.

Vegan sneakers

Hello, Flamboyaners!

As you know, at Beflamboyant, we've always loved the idea that true beauty lies in authenticity and uniqueness. And it is precisely this philosophy that has led us to launch our most inspiring and sustainable campaign to date: The Perfect Imperfect.

But first, we want you to reflect on a few things...

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a business model in the fashion industry characterised by the fast and efficient production of garments at low prices. In this model, fashion brands launch frequent collections with very short production cycles to keep up with changing market trends.

What is the difference between fast fashion and slow fashion?

Fast fashion is characterised by rapidly producing large quantities of clothing at low prices, quickly replicating trends and often with variable quality.

In contrast, slow fashion emphasises sustainable and ethical production, with garments of higher quality and durability, and a focus on more conscientious and responsible production and consumption practices.

What are the benefits of choosing slow fashion?

Choosing slow fashion offers benefits such as higher quality and longer lasting garments, sustainable and ethical production practices, promoting conscious consumption, timeless design, supporting the local economy and reducing over-consumption, thus promoting a more ethical, sustainable and responsible approach to fashion.

slow fashion

Have you ever stopped to think about the amount of waste generated by the fashion industry? And no, we're not just talking about environmental impacts, pollution or discharge into rivers or oceans. We are talking about a deeper aspect: the waste of garments that are born out of the countless collections that hit the market year after year. Those collections that, for various reasons, end up forgotten in warehouses, without finding that special place they deserve.

We are in an era where the speed with which new trends are born can eclipse the true value of what we wear. In the midst of this madness, we find mountains of garments that, although well made and carefully designed, do not find their way into the wardrobes of those who would appreciate them.

Our mission

With the perfect imperfect, we want to change that narrative. We want to rescue those unique pieces, those that have a story to tell, that carry the craftsmanship and passion of those who created them. Each pair of imperfect shoes we offer is a testament to our dedication to give fashion a renewed purpose, moving away from the cycle of fast and superficial consumption.

How to avoid sweatshops in the fashion industry?

As a customer, you can reduce labour exploitation in the fashion industry by choosing transparent and ethical brands, consuming consciously by prioritising quality over quantity, supporting ethical certifications, demanding transparency from brands, opting for sustainable fashion such as second-hand clothing, participating in awareness movements and educating others about ethical labour practices.

What is surplus stock in fashion?

They are pairs that were part of previous collections or limited editions, which, for various circumstances, were not sold at the time and ended up forgotten in a warehouse.

It is crucial to clarify that the term "imperfect" does not always refer to obvious physical defects. The term is extended here to cover any pair that has not found an owner. That is, beyond any possible physical defects, these are shoes that, for various reasons, did not find their way into the hands of those who could appreciate them for their unique design, quality and style.

The Perfect Imperfect initiative seeks to rescue and give a second chance to these shoes. We believe that each pair has its own story and potential to find someone who will value it and make it part of their personal style. Instead of letting these shoes accumulate in a warehouse, we want to offer them a chance to find a home.

What makes these shoes special?

It's not just their design or the quality of their manufacture, but the opportunity they represent. It's the chance for each pair to find a home where their uniqueness is appreciated, where the effort behind their creation is valued and where it is understood that sometimes true beauty is found in imperfections.

Furthermore, we cannot overlook the positive impact this has on our planet. By opting for these imperfectly perfect pairs of shoes, you're not only purchasing a product with unique, but you're also helping to reduce waste and encourage a more conscious and sustainable industry.

At Beflamboyant, we believe in fashion with purpose, celebrating authenticity and valuing every detail.

What are the benefits of reducing surplus in the fashion industry?

Here are a few reasons why you should buy the perfect pair of imperfect shoes:

  1. Uniqueness: Each pair is unique and limited, which means you'll have a shoe that you won't find in just any shop and that has its own history and character.
  2. Exclusivity: Some of these pairs belong to previous collections or limited editions, making them true collector's items that you won't find easily.
  3. Affordability: Significant discounts make these shoes more accessible, allowing you to get premium quality at a more pocket-friendly price.
  4. Waste reduction: By purchasing shoes that might otherwise be considered discarded, you are actively participating in reducing waste in the fashion industry.
  5. High quality: The durability and quality of Beflamboyant footwear remains intact, ensuring comfort, strength and durability.
  6. Supporting the circular economy: This initiative promotes a circular economy model, giving value to products that might otherwise be discarded, thus encouraging more responsible consumption.
  7. History and character: Every imperfection tells a story, adding character and authenticity to the design. They are details that make each pair special and unique.

Adopt your imperfect

We invite you to join this cause, adopt your perfect imperfect and be part of the fashion revolution - let's celebrate together the beauty of the authentic and move towards a more conscious consumption!

Meet some of the imperfect ones

Vegan sneakers

Manimal nude

These radiant sneakers are the spark of energy of the group, always ready to light up any cloudy day in the city or shine at an outdoor festival. With these sneakers, every step is filled with vitality and positivity.

Manimal black

These sneakers are elegant and mysterious, always ready for a night of urban intrigue or a determined walk under the starry blanket. Their deep, enigmatic hue makes them irresistibly alluring. They are a reflection of sophistication and confidence, attracting glances with their magnetic presence. With these sneakers, every step is a statement of style and mystery.

Manimal white

The coolest sneakers of the bunch, they're always ready for a relaxing afternoon in the city or an adventure in the countryside! They are experts at adapting, like true style chameleons! They love to innovate and experiment, it seems as if they have a magic charm that makes any style look great on them! At first they may seem a bit reserved, with that "Hi, I'm the shy one in the group!" vibe, but after a few minutes... boom! They reveal their true fun and authentic personality. With these trainers, the good vibes are guaranteed!

Vegan sneakers

UX-68 sand

These sneakers are the natural essence of the group, always ready for a walk in the woods or to connect with nature at its best. They are the reflection of tranquillity and harmony, attracting attention with their naturalness. With these sneakers, every adventure becomes a journey into authenticity and natural beauty.

UX-68 caramel

These sneakers are the fun of the group, always ready to liven up any party or brighten up a grey day. They are the perfect embodiment of joy and carefree fun. With these sneakers, every step is a party.

UX-68 Noir

These sneakers are simple and elegant, adaptable to all situations, from a walk in the countryside to an eternal night of dancing. If you are also an all-rounder, these sneakers will be your best ally to accompany you on all your adventures.


We know that some of these imperfects have touched your heart and if not, you have many more on the web. Adopt your imperfect and give it a home!

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