5 Sustainable plans to enjoy on Blue Monday

The first month of the new year has arrived and with it, the famous Blue Monday that everyone is talking about. At first glance it may seem like a normal day, but the truth is that it is considered the saddest Monday of the year since 2005, when its founder Cliff Arnal (professor at Cardiff University) began to use the term. 

Christmas is over and the famous "January slope" is just around the corner and from Beflamboyant we know it, and the truth is that we like to accompany you in each of the steps you take and we do not want you to stay still on this special day. That's why, in today's blog we want to give you 5 ideas of sustainable plans that you can do to give a happier approach to Blue Monday. 

1. Walking outdoors, a pleasure

walking into nature

Nowadays, we are used to spend many hours sitting down or in closed spaces, either because we have to work, study and we don't usually give the necessary importance to a simple walk outdoors.

We live in a society in which we have normalized stress and we need to have moments of rest to help us take care of our mental health. And what better day to start doing it than Blue Monday? Going for a walk has many benefits for our physical and mental health, as we are not only exercising our body, but we are also preventing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety and improving our self-esteem.

So, it's time to take action! Grab some comfortable clothes, find a destination or route you like, get excited and let's go on an adventure! Don't worry, we provide the footwear. For this occasion, our vegan street shoes are your perfect allies. Are you ready to walk through the clouds and enjoy every step with us

2. Go to the cinema to see a movie 

Are you a movie buff and there's a movie you like on the billboard? Take the opportunity and go. Cinema is a recreational activity that can be very beneficial for us. When we are watching a movie we disconnect from our daily problems and focus only on the plot twist of the film, making our body and mind relax.

Motivation, reflection, entertainment. That is what movies produce in us, and Who doesn't like to watch a good movie?

That's why our UX-68 sand collection of vegan and sustainable shoes is perfect for those who are willing to go one step further, to join the change and feel part of it. They are made for people who analyze and reflect on the things that happen around them, for those who don't settle for anything, in short, they are made for you.

3. Go to dinner at the restaurant that you like so much


We want to ask you a question: what is that food you are craving right now? And now think why not make that thought a reality? Don't let Blue Monday wreck your plans, go out, eat and enjoy your favorite restaurant.

Now that you've decided on the place. What are you going to wear? What are you going to wear? Something fancy? Great! Our Black Coco vegan shoes will go perfectly with your outfit and allow you to look radiant and perfect for the occasion.

4. Escape Room Afternoon


    This is a very fashionable plan: go on a scape rooms with your friends, family. Do you want to put yourself to the test, squeeze your mind to the maximum and above all have a fun time? This is your plan.

    Forget about board games and live the game from the inside, dare to live the game where you are the protagonist. Tension, skill, laughter and Black Coco high vegan boots. From Beflamboyant we know how versatile you have to be to be able to successfully overcome the game, and the first thing you have to value is the versatility of your footwear. What are you waiting for?

    5. Sofa, blanket and a good documentary


    And if what you really feel like is to stay on the couch with your most comfortable clothes, a warm blanket and food, we have a perfect plan for you. We want to recommend you a series of films that deal with the topic of sustainability, because we are aware that you are one of those people involved and concerned about being part of our little big change.

    "The Year of Living Dangerously", considered "the most important TV series ever made", shows the reality of the deterioration of nature and the overwhelming consequences of climate change on our planet.

    "Before the flood", starring Leonardo DiCaprio analyzes how we can prevent environmental consequences such as the destruction of natural ecosystems.

    "Ten Billion" is a film that narrates a series of predictions that would show how the planet Earth could become at the end of the 21st century, a planet that will have to face several subsistence crises caused by overpopulation and the limited nature of natural resources. 

    And you, which plan have you chosen?

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