5 years creating vegan footwear

Hello Flamboyaner! How's it going?

We’re dropping by today with some exciting news: it’s our birthday!

It’s been five years since Beflamboyant was born with the goal of creating vegan footwear that’s not only ethical but also incredibly stylish and comfortable. A small idea that started in Galicia has now grown into a global community, bringing together people who share our values of sustainability and conscious fashion.

Our 5 Years

  • 2019: We started with a bang, launching Beflamboyant on Kickstarter and introducing our first sneaker, the UX 68, in seven colours. This marked the beginning of our story.
  • 2020: We activated our eCommerce and began selling vegan footwear worldwide. We also released the UX 68 Winter collection, perfect for the cold!
  • 2021: We introduced the Coco Shoe, our first non-sneaker shoe, made with corn leather. We also began using organic materials like corn leather, Seaqual, and recycled PET.
  • 2022: We expanded our catalogue with new styles: the Street sneakers and the Life model, made with organic cotton in seven colours. We also introduced our first boots, the Coco High Top Black.
  • 2023: We dived headfirst into fashion! We did our first editorial showcasing our amazing boots and expanded the Coco Shoes line with new colours like beige and chocolate.
  • 2024: We innovated with the first vegan barefoot footwear collection on Kickstarter and explored new organic leathers like pineapple leather, testing samples with grape and apple leather.

How We Celebrated

Five years don’t come around every day, so we decided to celebrate in style.

Last Saturday, 15th June, we hosted an event at our offices in Pontevedra, bringing together our best Galician clients, friends, family, and partner brands for a 100% vegan event filled with joy and good vibes.

We kicked off at 6 PM with an exclusive event for clients where we got to know each other better. At 7 PM, the rest of the guests joined in, and we started the party with music, chats, and lots of food and drink.

The vegan snacks were a hit, with delicious dishes and desserts that left no one indifferent. Plus, our guests discovered and got to try brands they loved!

In the afternoon, we held a raffle where three lucky winners took home some fantastic prizes. The first prize included a large fruit basket from Frutas Nieves, a pair of Beflamboyant sneakers, and a pack of our organic cotton socks. And guess who won it? Marisa, one of our favourite influencers. The second and third prizes went to two of our clients.

And just to be clear, the raffle was entirely fair! We have proof that an innocent hand selected the winners.

In case you don’t know them yet, here they are:

  • Vanetta: A Galician food brand that creates typical Galician and regional products transformed into plant-based versions. Traditional food in its 100% vegan version. They participated in our event offering a variety of plant-based dishes like croquettes, empanada, and milanesas, all delicious.

  • Calabizo: A Galician gastronomic project founded by three entrepreneurial women who specialise in creating healthy vegan products, traditionally made with an authentic taste.

  • Kaiku Begetal: The vegan range of drinks and desserts from Kaiku that maintain the authentic taste of yoghurts in their plant-based version.

  • Bonilla a la vista: A long-standing Galician brand that makes crisps staying true to the traditional recipe.

  • The bio Factory: The first and only organic ice cream producer in Galicia, offering a wide variety of vegan options made with locally sourced products.

  • Frutas Nieves: A family business founded in Galicia, initially as a wholesaler of fruits, vegetables, and greens. Over more than 30 years, it has evolved into a renowned chain of fruit shops known for their product quality and customer service.

  • Viver Kombucha: Based in Granada, they produce organic kombucha in an artisanal way, made with organic ingredients, without preservatives or added sugars.

  • VitaVif: Vegan gummy vitamins, sugar-free and made with 100% natural ingredients. Available in 8 different varieties: anti-hair loss, Omega-3, menopause symptoms, Multi+, Kids, and more.

  • Salitre: A Galician eco-friendly jewellery brand, made from stainless steel, water-resistant, and hypoallergenic.

  • Banbú: A Spanish brand of eco-friendly and zero-waste cosmetics made in Spain with 100% natural and organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals. And of course, 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

  • Fontecelta: A bottled water company committed to quality and sustainability. They use 100% recyclable PET containers that don’t alter the taste of the water. They also actively collaborate with NGOs to provide access to drinking water in disadvantaged communities.

  • Altos de Torona: A winery located in Tomiño-O Rosal, under the microclimate of the Rías Baixas, dedicated to producing, marketing, and exporting several brands of Albariño wine and other native Galician varieties. With the international V-Label seal, ensuring the exclusive use of plant-based raw materials in the wine-making process.

  • Papoula: Much more than a flower shop, Papoula is a unique florist run by Paula. With a rustic and wild style, she creates innovative and colourful floral compositions, always seeking to convey emotions and joy through her creations.

And to help you imagine what we felt at the event, here are some photos so you can relive the special moments we experienced! Thank you all for being part of Beflamboyant for these 5 years.

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