Vegan boots: the trendy combat boots

vegan boots

If you've ever asked yourself what's so special about vegan combat boots, you've definitely come to the right place!

In this blog we tell you all about vegan combat boots and answer your questions about their durability, versatility, sustainability and design.

In addition, we answer the most frequently asked question: is vegan leather as durable as traditional leather?

Let's first clarify some details about what a vegan boot is.

The most important characteristic of vegan boots is that they are made from animal-free materials.

So, vegan boots are made of plastic?

No. The animal-free materials the boots are made from can be organic or synthetic.

At Beflamboyant, the boots are made from materials with more than 70% organic base, more specifically, corn leather, so they are not plastic boots.

We know you're asking yourself if vegan boots are as durable as traditional leather boots, and the answer is yes.

Today's vegan materials are made to resist the test of time.

In recent years, vegan materials like corn leather have emerged and are durable, comfortable and have a similar appearance to traditional leather.

vegan combat boots

So why choose vegan boots?

Choosing vegan boots is a statement of your ethical values and a commitment to a more conscious lifestyle, vegan boots do not involve any animal products in their manufacture, this means that no animals have suffered or been killed in the process.

The materials that vegan boots are made from are environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions and water consumption compared to conventional leather production.

How to identify a vegan boot?

If you want to be sure that a boot is truly vegan, don't hesitate to check with your favourite shoe brand.

Ask about certifications and make sure that all materials used in the shoe's manufacture, adhesives and dyes are vegan.

Brands that are truly committed to sustainability are transparent about their sources and processes and guarantee traceability in production, so they will have no problem providing you with any information you ask for.

vegan combat boots

Now you are an expert in vegan footwear, its characteristics and how to identify it, we introduce you to our new collection Coco High Top vegan boots.

This new collection of combat boots Coco High Top is completely vegan, gender neutral and handmade in Spain in a fair working environment.

They are made from vegan corn leather and have more than 70% organic materials. They also feature SEAQUAL, a material made from plastic waste collected from seas and oceans.

The new collection brings you biker boots, rangers, combat boots, warrior boots... Many names can be used to define the most fashionable boot.

The classic lace-up model with chunky soles, now in a more ethical version.

Combat boots are always at the top of the autumn-winter trend list and they match with everything, so they're a must-have in any wardrobe.

That's why you need to get a pair of Coco High Tops.

They are available in three colours: black, a basic for those who want to combine them as much as possible, beige for the more adventurous who dare with everything, and chocolate, a classic tone for the most elegant and sofisticated.

The Coco High Top boots are not just vegan boots, they are a fashionable and trendy fashion statement.

Coco High Top boots are not just an ordinary vegan boot, they are a footwear option that combines fashion and environmental awareness.

With these boots you can not only look fashionable, you can also express your commitment to the planet.

Don't be satisfied with just a vegan boots, choose the Coco High Top boots and be a stylish and conscientious trend-setter.

They have a very versatile design, which allows you to create infinite combinations and adapt them to all styles.

Besides, the Coco High Top vegan boots are water-resistant, ideal for rainy days. Not only that, they also keep your feet warm and comfortable during the cold days of autumn and winter. These boots will become a must-have in your wardrobe, offering you style as well as functionality.

vegan boots

7 sustainable values of vegan boots:

  1. No animal ingredients!
  2. Waterproof, forget about wet feet.
  3. So light you'll feel like you're walking on clouds, super comfortable!
  4. Warm for your feet.
  5. Made with vegan corn leather, with a lot of organic material, more than 70%!
  6. With PETA seal of approval and The Vegan Society certificate, so you know we're 100% honest in our production.
  7. These vegan boots are not made of plastic, they're made from plants!

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