Quality materials chosen for you


For us, openness with our clients is essential and that’s why below we explain what your Beflamboyant are made of and where the materials come from.
Our brand has decided to confront the microplastics problem by producing a shoe with the maximum guarantees and comfort without polling the water.

Due to the production technique and their assembly under the insole, you cannot put the sneakers into the washing machine, so you do not have to worry about it.

If you want to know how to clear your sneakers, press this link.


It certifies there are no animals involved in none of the production process.

It guarantees all textile materials used during the manufacturing process fulfill with the maximums quality standards to be in contact with your skin.

GRS Global Standard Recycled:
It proves the product content is recycled. It also verifies social, environmental and chemical reliable practices in their production.

The main part of the shoe, consists on a high-quality microfiber, breathable, light, versatile and with a very high abrasion resistance.

The inner lining is also made of a very high quality microfiber. It is an ecological material which production is free of CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, it is cromo CVI free, a chemical component carcinogenic to skin contact and widely used in the footwear industry for leather tanning.

In addition, your foot will be perfectly comfortable and safe since the inner living is 100% breathable, it does not smell bad, it’s anallergic, antimicrobial and regulates temperature.

Cotton sides
In the sides of the shoe we find a 100% cotton piece formed by recycled cotton 50%, virgin 25% and organic 25%.

The removable insole is mode of polyurethane foam with a very high density.

The laces are 100% cotton and Phatalates – free (chemicals present in a huge part of clothing items and that can be harmful to skin).

The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, a 100% recyclable material that does not use its properties.

All our suppliers are Spanish or Portuguese. The sneakers are handmade and they might suffer small changes.