Buy vegan shoes online

Dear friend, if you have come here it is because you want to buy sneakers online and you have seen the variety of unisex vegan sneakers that we have available for people like you.

Remember that we do not produce women’s vegan sneakers or men´ s vegan sneakers, Beflamboyant is a brand that doesn’t make a difference between genders, we only offer unisex vegan shoes.

Buying sneakers online will not be a problem as we offer a free shipping, exchange and return service along with a size guide that will help you to know which size is ok for you. Do not hesitate to join our family!

Quality vegan footwear

We offer vegan sneakers made of high quality materials, from Spanish and Portuguese suppliers. Comfort is one of the main characteristics of Beflamboyant: even if you walk miles and stand for hours, your Beflamboyant sneakers will take care of your feet.

Thanks to the inner lining that has been manufactured free of Chromium VI ( a very dangerous chemical component for the skin that can cause cancer) our sneakers are very comfortable even when you are sitting.

This lining doesn’t produce any smell, it is 100% breathable, antimicrobial and antiallergic.

To achieve this comfort, we produce in Felgueiras, Portugal, where we have excellent workers with years of experience who have adapted to the change towards ecological footware.

Committed ecological footwear

In Beflamboyant we believe in human, environment and animal rights. For this reason, we do not use any component with animal origin. In addition, they are made of recycling materials with the aim of closing the sustainable production cycle.

With the sale of a pair of vegan sneakers, we contribute to the fight against climate change by planting trees. Furthermore, the sustainable fashion industry and specifically ecological footwear are very committed to zero waste production. We combat the plastic global problem by sending our ecological sneakers without plastics and in a recycled cardboard box along with a thank you card made of planting seeds and a natural jute bag as a gift.

Complete your outfits with 100& vegan skeakers

We take care of the design and of every little details so you can go fashion and be committed to the environment, animals and people at the same time. Beflamboyant represents trend, fashion and exclusivity.

Our model Beflamboyant UX-68 is available in 7 different combinations that offer you all the possibilities to combine vegan and sustainable sneakers with all your clothes giving you the chance of wearing a really different look that will make you stand out among the others wherever you go. Remember that we have limited stock which adds value and exclusivity to our products.